Over the past couple of weeks I've added a considerable number of poems and sayings, check em out!


I'm just checking things, making sure they still work, I don't really know what to add to this, except that if any of you still play Starcraft, I went through the campaigns, made them a bit harder, a bit better flowing, etc. anyway, check things out, though I don't think anyone ever really comes to this site, so be it, I have my place anyway.


Today the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were attacked and both towers collapsed. The Pentagon had comparatively minor damage. A plane hit each tower of the World Trade Center and another hit the Pentagon. I have made no editations to the website but I thought this deserved to be placed.


I added the nifty banner on the top of the main page, I like it. My friend made it for me (by my specifications) the banner for his site is on the bottom of the main page, yes I did put a banner on.


Just fixed up some pictures that haven't been working. I have a new computer on order so I will be able to start work on my starcraft campaigns again soon. I'm thinking of putting Civilization 2 maps on here too.


after taking a week break to get into the school gig, and get over the accidental deletion of my files, I am now workin' on the Rebel campaign again back up to level 2, (from level 5), I have high hopes as always to get it done.


another small update to Starcraft Campaigns page, up to level 4 on rebels.


a small update to the Starcraft Campaigns page, didn't really do much, just what's goin' on with the campaigns, I fixed some bugs in Ultimate Daexan, and am working on the rebel campaign for Rebel vs UHD.


done with ultimate daexan campaign, in need of more campaign ideas, finished with all of Daexan series now, I might do another campaign following but it would not involve Daexan or the Xel'Naga.


finished levels 5 and 6 of Ultimate Daexan Campaign, will finish by end of week, (sooner then previously estimated). updated pages as such. I'm hoping to have some maps submitted, they do not have to be campaigns just maps, please if you have made any, submit them with a small discription and I will put them on the site.


just small changes, done with level 4 on ultimate daexan campaign, will be comleted in 2 or 3 weeks max, It's spring break! I got lots more time, I'll probobly do alot of changes to this site over the next week but you never know

Spring is here!


just did a bit of maintenance stuff, spring is almost here! (even though it SNOWED today in Wisconsin)


Added portion to Church section, changed backgrounds on most pages, changed bottom picture on this page. Ultimate Daexan campaign finished up to level 3


finished level two, and started level three in the ultimate Daexan campaign series. Added a picture and changed the background on the spells plea page.


I have upgraded a little a day for the last three days, mainly on the gif library and the Starcraft Campaigns page, I hope you like what I did, New Starcraft Campaign on it's way, this time for real, last time my friend was going to make it, but never did so while still claiming to be working on it. Well I've taken it into my own hands and have already finished the first level, (just started 3 days ago). I will post the progress on the Campaigns page.


messed around with the backgrounds on a few pages and changed the font. made the links easier to read, and started using frames in a few places


added the spells plea as I will call it, please contribute spells for my RPG just e-mail it to me with a name and description at


My life has been busy over the last month, I have had too much to do, yesturday I turned 14. Hope to start updating frequently again now that things have cooled down and I have more time, well today I moved the cheaters applet to the cheats page and took it off of the other two, I finished the new navigation system, and deleted the rpg section.



haven't updated in a while, added the applet at the bottom of this page and put it on the Starcraft Campaigns page to, enjoy! If anyone has a campaign or level for any game they would like posted please e-mail it to me once I have 2 or 3 I'll add another section to the page.


Just remembered something I did awhile ago, changed the backgrounds on a few of the pages to the one shown below. Again please mail me if you like it compared to the old background (currently in use on this page)


Edited my add system so instead of a banner for geocities it will show the corner box I'm still workin' to make my page as add free as possible!

by the way what do you think of this as a possible background? mail me at to tell me what you think. P.S. (3/20/00) that background has now been used and rejected, no need to e-mail me about it


Just a minor update today added a bit to the mainpage that's all, But at least now you can get to this section.


My friend and I have started a project for a series of three new campaigns to go beyond brood war and even beyond my Praetor Daexan Campaign. This one will include a Zerg, Protoss, and Terran campaigns The Zerg Campaign first. This one will be released within a few weeks.


I have discontinued the Age of Empires campaign construction for a time at least. I fixed an error so that if you use the higher resolutions you will be able to see the pics on the main page.

9/9/99 Started news section today and uploaded new version of Praetor Daexan campaign. Remember to download it!

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