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Praetor Daexan : Allies has been finished for some time now, I am now also done with part 2, Praetor Daexan 2 : Ultimate Daexan, you can download them both, I have it formatted so that if you have both downloaded it will load the first level of Part 2 as soon as you have beaten part 1, of course you can play them by themselves, with or without beating any specific level. To download any map into the proper folder, download it first into any folder you want, but remember which it was, then open the zip file, and extract it, when extracting open it into C:/Program Files/Starcraft/Maps/Campaigns/ when you want to play it go to custom level on your menu, then campaigns, then select which level you would want to play, to start at the beginning select Ally1.scx.

The Praetor Daexan Campaign Part 1 : Allies

The Praetor Daexan Campaign Part 2 : Ultimate Daexan

The first campaign I made for Starcraft I made before I knew about the making of Brood War, This one does not require Brood War to work. Same directions as above but click on recolonize1.scm instead of ally1.scx. have fun!

Recolonize Mar Sara

The Plots

Praetor Daexan

It is only a few days after the end of the Brood War, Kerrigan is in complete control of the zerg and the Koprulu sector. The remains of the Protoss and the Terrans and attempting futally to gather themselves. Meanwhile, on the scanners of Shakuras, Zeratul sights a strange ship already in orbit. Not Zerg, Protoss or Terran in design, yet it seams strangely familiar, like he had seen it before. They recieve a hail from the ship, and Zeratul ever curious, asks for it to be recieved. The voice reverberating in his psionic mind seams ancient as it introduces itself. "Zeratul, I am Praetor Daexan of the remaining Xel'Naga, I know of the plight of our firstborn, and seek vengence upon the scourge which we created after you."

Praetor Daexan 2: Ultimate Daexan

a young Dark Templar, quickly rises to the top of his class. Seeing the need for more capable commanders, Daexan sets him in charge of tracking down Kerrigan, while the rest of the fleet splits to destroy the Stassis Pods containing the Protoss-Zerg hybrids left by the now dead Samir Duran. Yet Kerrigan has plans for Calados, plans that will change him forever. Meanwhile the Zerg on there far away homeworld are preparing to seek out the lost overmind, and on Earth, a new Admiral, with a new fleet seeks to avenge Du'Galle and destroy the Zerg and the Protoss,you Executor of the Xel'Naga and Protoss forces, with your Terran Allies, have one goal and one goal alone, eliminate every trace of the Zerg...this war has only just begun, and this time at least one race will die...

Mar Sara

The overmind is dead, in his place Kerrigan and Daggoth have split his forces in two, and desire to destroy eachother, Jim Raynor in an effort to regain his home, organizes a recolonization effort of Mar Sara. The only problem, Daggoth, has built his head fortress there, and Jim will be lucky to last long.

Future Campaigns

fixed a few problems with Praetor Daexan campaign, probobly still more, e-mail me if you find them ( and please don't e-mail me advertisements or chain letters

next campaign will be unreated to Starcraft universe, I am going to call it malitia wars, it is an all Terran Campaign. Plot: Human's led by a mass democratic government leapt for the stars in a hungry leep, much like the frontier utilization in 18th century america, the still amateur terraforming techniques were pushed to there limits, many colonists died in the harsh conditions, the oxygen infrastructures supporting sometimes millions of people would fail becouse the raw materials would be overused. Human's though pushed onward, and technology grew in leaps and bounds, the first self supporting colony appeared on the moon in 2050 25 years after the initial surge, the new technology used by this caused another surge, and millions more deaths, then in 2100, after 50 more years, things slowly cooled down, terraforming methods had evolved enough to support large populations, and the first colony with more than 1 billion people appeared, on mars. 50 more years have passed, 3 solar systems have been terraformed and colonized by the human race, Earth has finally reached 7 billion residents once again. mars is at 2 billion with the second highest, and venus 1.5 billion at third. Yet the United Human Democracy, UHD, has deteriorated, only upper class earth residents can vote. Thus the outer planets are in open rebelion, venus is getting close to supporting the cause. Will the rebels become the new leaders of the Human Race? or will the UHD crush any resistance, forever.

I still do plan to complete this eventually, come back in a couple weeks and I think I will start making individual maps available for download.

Multiplayer Maps

I made this first map on 3/30/00 it isn't that great and is extremely difficult against computer opponants.

Map 1

this map was made on the 4th of June in the year of 2000 and 1. It is two well defended bases and a canyon between them, but explore a little further...

Map 2

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