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There are a bunch of strategies your BBS can work on to prosper. This area of microthick's Realm will discuss them.

Investing and Making Money Strategies

Tax Trick #1

There are two different version of the tax trick which I have come across. The tax trick is a way of making hordes of money off the tax you charge your population. I have known people who have made up to 300 million coins a turn off their population and now you can too. Here is Tax Trick #1.

Well... your first and most important step is to send everyone on your board a Free Trade Agreement. This helps with your economy and such. Check your diplomacy relations often because people will constanly join the game and you will have to send them a Free Trade Agreement also.
Your next step is to start buying regions. I find that if you buy a few hundred coastal regions as a base, you will not have problems in the future with too less money. After buying those coastal regions, buy hordes of agricultural and urban regions. Urban regions increase the flow of people emmigrating to your realm and agricultural regions produce food for them to consume. You should slowly start making money off your population and you continue buying urban and agricultural regions.
When buying your regions there are two different ratio's people follow. Most people use a ratio of agricultural to urban which is 3:1. Others choose 5:4. Either way works but its up to you to find one that you are comfortable.
As you buy more regions, change your tax rate slowly from 15% all the way down to 3%. Keep in mind that the lower your tax rate the faster people will move to your realm. Also, make sure you always have enough food to support your realm.

This is the first version of the tax rate.

Tax Trick #2

The second version of the tax trick is almost exactly the same as the first. The only big difference is that you change your tax rate to 3% almost immediately. You will have trouble supporting your realm real fast and when this happens, change your tax rate to 50%. With such a high tax rate you will lose many people fast. With the money you gain by taxing your population at 50% you buy more agricultural and urban regions. Keep taxing them at this rate until you start gaining people again. Immediately change your tax rate to 3% and repeat these steps. After a while you will start making 100 million coins a turn at 50% and 20 million coins a turn at 3%. Keep it up and soon you will be making millions of coins a turn.

Investing Strategy #1

One form of investing is to stay quiet for the first 3 or 4 weeks of a round. This means that yiu quietly make allies, buy regions, and try and get your investments done as fast as possible. Buy only coastal and river regions and the occasional agricultural region and make as much money as humanly possible. When you are making 20 or 30 million coins a turn, get your 2bil in the bank and do your investments. If you get full investments before others wait til they have completed then attack. If you start attacking while others aren't ready, you can some real backlash. They could start attacking and because you have a lot of regions and not too much military, they could farm you and your board right away. A big hint for using this strategy is to ally with some of the biggest boards and let people know who you are allied with to scare them from attacking.

Investing Strategy #2

Another strategy is to have one person invest while everyone else sends the money they make to this person. The investing person, most likely the CO, asks everyone to send them everything they make. Every penny. That is,... after they are making 10 or 20 million coins a turn. The investor will quickly get his 2bil in the bank and his investments and a new investor will be chosen. Now everyone sends everything they make to the second person, including the person who has finished investing... (He makes sure he always has a 10 day cycle going though). It should only take 6 days or so to complete his cycle. When this is done a new investor is chosen and the process is completed.

After 6 or 7 people have completed their cycle inform your players to send their money every turn. If they save up their money and send it all, the investor could go over 2 billion coins on hand and all excess cash will be lost. The last few players should be done in a day or so.

Investing Strategy #3

The third investing strategy of my collection is pretty much the default investing plan. Everyone invests on their own and when you are done, help others until everyone is done.

Investing Strategy #4

The next investment strategy is COW. COW stands for Cash On Wheels and to do it you must have a close friend on a BBS which has a low travel time between them.

In COW, one player saves up all the money he makes in a day and sends a trade deal to his friend of the nearby BBS. After he is done playing, he calls his friend up and tells him that he has played for the day. The friend plays BRE on his BBS later on in the day (when the trade deal has arrived) and keeps the money on hand the whole time. What you are trying to do is keep gaining interest off the money on hand. After the friend is done his turns for the day he sends all the money back to you, and the steps repeat over and over.

When one player has 2bil on hand he spends 500mil of the money that is made, either on investments or on military and sends everything back to his friend who spends the money he gains off the interest. Keep doing this until you both have full investments and you are set. :)

Atacking Immediately

Instead off following most strategies, you can buy a lot of military and farm regions off others who don't have a lot. By attacking, you will gain many regions which you can use instead of buying your own. Buy lots of industrial regions in the beginning and send out lots of attacks. Keep turning your gained regions into industrial and coastal regions.

Soon you will be making both money and miltary and try to invest and attack at the same time. Hopefully you will be able to stay above the rest because of your constant attacks but don't count on it. You will not finish investing ahead of others, especially the people doing the tax trick, and they will most likely pass you later on in the game.


Info On Attacks

Individual Attacks:

Normal Attack:
Normal attacks do nothing special. Your military fights normally and captures 15% of your enemies regions, if successful. It is pretty much a default attack.

Quick Strike:
Quick strike attacks catch your enemy off guard. These surprise attacks allow your military to fight at 115% their normal ability, but you only take 10% of your opponents regions.

Extended Battle:
Extended battles mean that your miltary fights until 20% of one side's military has been destroyed. Extended battles allow your miltary to fight at 85% but if you win you take 20% of your opponents regions.

Group Attacks:
A group attack allows your whole BBS to join the attack which helps take down BIG opponents. Sucessful group attacks take 10% of your opponents regions.

Rules of Warefare

  • Know your available strategies and tactics.
  • Know what your forces can and cannot do.
  • Know your enemy to the best of your abilities.
  • Always have a reserve force.
  • Once committed to the offence, stay on the offense.
  • Aggressiveness multiplies your force.
  • Power corrupts and greed kills.
  • Fear works.
  • Destroy the enemies ability to wage war, not the enemy.

Interbbs - Smaller BBS'

In BRE attacking smaller BBS' is often met with some distaste. Nonetheless, it is an EASY way to get regions without looking much military and will help you succeed. If the BBS that you are attacking is really pissing you off, here's how you can destroy them badly.

A kill run is where you make over a hundred group attacks timed to leave at the same time and headed for a specific place. With kill runs you can, in most cases, completely destroy your opponent because group attacks take a minimum of 5 regions. To start kill running a person, set one group attack to leave in 120 hours and tell all your team mates to make their own group attacks to match the date of yours. Tell them to make as many as they are allowed to make. When you are withing a day of the departure of the attacks tell everyone to fill these group attacks with military, putting less in gradually. DO this to all the players.

If the BBS somehow survives the kill runs, what you can do are global kill runs. That means that you do the exact thing as above but instead of GA's headed to one player, set them to attack all. This should work.

When attacking smaller BBS', you should never send gooies. What you are trying to do is farm them of their regions but if you send them gooies then their regions are destroyed. Instead, nuke 'em to death. :)

Interbbs - Bigger BBS'

Bigger BBS' are harder to fight, but remember persistance is everything. Even when things look bad, keep up the work. Hers what you can do.

The most important thing you could do to a realm is stop them from making money. You can do this in a variety of ways: undermining investments, nuking regions, etc. Find out how many S-ops you can send out in a day and make sure everyone does the max. Your best bet is undermining and if you can get many through, your enemie will be working hard trying to get them back up, rather than attacking. Anyways...

When attacking, either choose the biggest player or the CO. Make sure everyone sends all t-ops and s-ops to the same player. If his regions are all nuked, his investments are gone, and his popular support has gone down to 0 he'll start to feel the pressure and you'll see a BIG drop in his net worth. Anyways, make a few group attacks and make sure everyone participates.

Using gooies against bigger boards is a necessity. You are trying to destroy their military rather than farm them for their regions and since there are only a few ways to destroy jets, gooies are a good choice. Send them as often as possible.

Interbbs - Quick Strike Method

The quick strike method is another form of attack for smaller BBS'. Your main objective is to take as many regions without getting involved in a war.

What you are gonna do is specify a span of 2 to 4 days in which you will attack. When those days come you will send everything you have in an attempt to take as many regions as possible. Then right after send a peace proposal to the board. Unless they are stupid or something, they will accept, and you have lost a minimal amount of military while gaining many many regions.

Local - Smaller Realms

This is easy. Keep taking their regions. Attack them every turn and you may destroy them. If they are good, they'll constantly send you c-ops so bribe an agent in their realm so none of their c-ops can get through. Make sure you have money cuz most likely they will also send Biobombs atcha and if you have a popular support of 0% you lose massive amounts of military because they "leave". I hate it when it happens.

Don't get others to help. It makes you look wimpy. Just keep attacking until either they give up or you kill 'em off.

Local - Bigger Realms

Send c-ops. It may not seem like anything is happening to them because there are no drastic changes but it will affect them. Demoralize their army and bomb them as much as possible and it will help.

If you can get their popular support down low and their military support to 0% it will help you a lot. The lower their military support is the worse their military will fight. Send biobombs at them constantly.

Some people like to nuke 'em to hell, but if your opponent has full investments all the nukes will be is a little nuisance. By biobombing them, you have a chance of making his army leave his realm.

To help lower the enemies networth, attack every turn. Even if they are bigger than you. To destroy their military, send attacks of 1 trooper, 1 jet, and, 1 tank. About 3 out of 5 times you will destroy a lot of their military... thousands of tanks and turrets with your measley attack and you won't even lose a thing. If you find that you can't get to happen, biobomb them. It will make them fight worse... as I said above. It works... I once fought a guy with a 60mil networth (compared to my 300k nw) and everyday I knocked off about 5 million tanks because of these small attacks. I got him down to 10 mil before his allies kill runned me. :( All well...

Remember, persistance is everything. If there is no way of stopping him from taking your regions, let him. Put your miltary on the trading market on your last turn and stop him from destroying your miltary. Take it off the next time you play and continue attacking and saving military til you have enough to attack him and win.

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