Banjo-Kazooie: Mumbo's Theme

KEY for Map

  • - Bottles' Mole Hills
  • - Extra Honeycomb Energy
  • - Extra Lives
  • - Jinjo Locations
  • - Mumbo Token Locations
  • - Jiggi Locations
  • - Witch Switch(not on this map, but it is located near the Mumbo Token, near Conga's Tree)
  • - Entrance

    The portals inside of Gruntilda's Lair lead to many magnificent worlds, and Mumbo's Mountain is just the first. In order to enter Mumbo's Mountain, Banjo must first complete the picture puzzle that is just down the hall from the entrance. In this case, the picture is close to the world's entrance, but later in the game, the pictures will be far away from the worlds they open. When you reach the picture 1 piece will be missing and Bottles will tell you its near the exit. When you head back to the exit you will find platforms leading up to a jiggi. Grab the Jiggi and run back to the pitcure and press A. Now the piece will be filled in and Mumbo's Mountain is opened!

    Green: Found in one of huts at mumbo's village.
    Pink: Turn right from the entrance to find him on a small platform.
    Blue: On the island in the pond near the bull's pasture.
    Yellow: On a platform on the slopes near the stones and conga.
    Orange: At the top of the stones in the top right corner of the mountain.

    Bottles the mole teachs you 3 moves on this level, these include:
    1. Talon Trot
    2. Egg Shooting
    3. Beak Buster

    The first Honeycomb piece is located up near Mumbos village. After you learn how to shoot eggs, give the totem pole enough eggs so there is only one head standing, now jump on it and do a Flap Flip. Now you collect the first Extra Honeycomb piece. For the second one you must be in termite form. Climb down the slippery slope that leads down into the water. As you go down you should notice a little ave that hides the second honeycomb piece.

    There is 2 Extra Lives on this level. The first is hidding in one of the huts in Mumbo's Village. The econd is located high up in the termite hill where you have to be a termite to reach it, but its clearly visable.

    1. Once you learn the talon trot, trot up the slopes at the right of the entrance. The jiggy is on a platform on the grassy slope.
    2. At mumbo's village you'll learn how to stomp. stomp all the huts and the last hut you stomp will contain a jiggy. 3. Flap flip into mumbo's skull's right eye where a jiggy will be waiting.
    4. Once you learn how to shoot eggs, shoot eggs into the rotating totem at mumbo's village until they are all gone. You will be rewarded with a puzzle piece.
    5. At the top right corner of mumbo's mountain there will be a group of upright stones. In the middle of them, on a platform there will be a jiggy piece.
    6. At conga's corner of the summit there will be three orange switches surrounding his tree. Stand on one and once conga throws and orange at you, quickly move away. After you have tricked conga to hit all three switches, a jiggy piece will appear.
    7. Climb up conga's tree to get the orange. Go give the orange to the monkey waiting nearby and he will raise the stump for you and give you a jiggy.
    8. Use the stump to jump up to the platform where bottles will teach you how to throw eggs. After you have learned how, follow the platform to the left and egg conga until he gives you the golden prize.
    9. Once you collect five mumbo tokens in this world, go to mumbo's skull and have him turn you into a termite. Then make your way to the giant termite hill in the middle of the mountain. Follow your way up the hill from the inside until you find the jiggy at the top.
    10. Find all five Jinjo's.

    The Witch Switch is located up near where you learn how to shoot eggs. Jump from platform to platform till you get to the last one. Then Beak Bust the switch and a Jiggi will appear near the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain, but you have to be in termite form when you leave the level to reach it.

    7 - On bridge (7)
    6 - in the pool (13)
    9 - On the path above bull (22)
    18 - Ledges on hillside before bridge (40)*
    6 - On top of huts (46)
    5 - From smashed hut (51)
    6 - In termite mound (57)*
    14 - On top of stone henge (71)
    4 - On path to henge (75)
    21 - On ledges above bull (96)*
    4 - In Mumbo's Hut(100)
    (* collect these as termite)

    Start - Spiral Mountain
    Level #1 - Mumbo's Mountain
    Level #2 - Treasure Trove Cove
    Level #3 - Clanker's Cavern
    Level #4 - Bubblegloop Swamp
    Level #5 - Freezeezy Peak
    Level #6 - Gobi's Valley
    Level #7 - Mad Monster Mansion
    Level #8 - Rusty Busket Bay
    Level #9 - Click Clock Wood
    Level #10 - Grunty's Furnuce Fun
    Level #11 - The Final Battle

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