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Contributing to these pages

If you would like to contribute to these pages, there are several ways you might do so. The first is by reporting a death. Since we obviously can't take everybody's word on this, a log of the incident is required as proof.

The second way is that you might write a story that will go into the Battles section. Note that we won't be posting logs, only stories.

The third way, of course, is to let us know any sort of news pertinent to the war. Again, we prefer to have proof, but we may decide to post unsubstantiated news if it isn't too far-fetched.

We'll also accept feedback and suggestions for expansions to the site. If this project gets too huge for the current team of volunteers, we'll try to recruit more sucker... errrr, brave souls to help us.

In order to contribute, email Please let us know if you would like your contribution posted here, too -- we welcome reader input, both to us privately and to all readers of these pages.

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