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New Outlaws Levels

Best of the West"Best of the West" features 15 brand new levels; contains some unfinished levels, but mainly consists of amateur made levels including two huge co-operative levels which can be played in multiplayer or single player.

Marshall Law Levels"Marshall Law Levels" is the full set of multiplayer levels adapted for Marshall Law gaming; (i.e. no sawed off shotguns and no sheriff badges.)

The falls - a completed version of one of LucasArts' unfinished levels. A canyon sort of feel with a river and water falls in a gorge in the middle of the level, an abandoned building, and lots of running room. (One of the best new levels).

Marshall Anderson's Homestead - Story: Historical, You are still Marshall. Returning home from a long stint of duty to your wife and newborn daughter to find they have been taken hostage by an Outlaw you once put away. Farm House, Tree w/swing, fence and topography interpreted from leading cutscene. Outhouse added (only natural).

LM Hotel - Just a Big Old Hotel.

Smo's Fued Version 2s Secure - Fued, pure and simple.

A Town - A small town which plays very well in multiplayer.

Canyons - Yet another brilliant multiplayer level with a canyon/falls theme.

Devil's Canyon - See above.

Dueling Saloons - Two saloons opposite each other fighting it out, good sniping points on the balconies.

Siege - A fort under siege by a Battle ship (Taco again).

Small - An O.K. level, quite a good first effort.

Tic Tac - A good idea that comes across well, could be slow in internet games but worth it.

Farm - A reproduction of an old farmhouse in Vermont.

Inferno - The level consists of two forts that are easy to defend with dynamic sectoring or as the authour puts it "Buttons that make things go, etc."

Alta - A very large mountain.

Shinbone - A large from scratch town.

Station - An old level but a new improved version.

Return of the Medicine Man - A new historical mission from the author of LawMaker. After defeating the Graham gang, Marshal James returned home with his daughter Sarah to try to live a quiet life again. But he soon find out that it's not yet over. Somehow Matt Jackson, also known as Dr. Death, survived that incident in the mines. He has been seen gathering a new gang and threating revenge on "that crazy marshall". He was last seen in a tiny town called Bone Dry Creek. So the Marshal is back on the horse for his very last manhunt...

Note : All of the levels here have been tested and reviewed by me, only the best new levels make it onto my page. . All the levels are worth downloading. If you want to submit one of your own levels just email it to here (not below).

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