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Download the appropriate zip file into a temporary directory and then unzip them into your Outlaws directory.....easy.


To download the latest outlaws patches just click on the buttons on any of my pages to go to the official LucasArts' Outlaws site. The file downloaded will do everything necessary to update your game when executed.

Note: If you did a full install of Outlaws the patch (the V1.1 patch) might not work. Simply copy your saved game files to another directory and then reinstall Outlaws with a custom install and copy your save game files back in. Then run the patch program, this should now work.

The newest patch; "Outlaws V2.0" can be downloaded by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Important:- Outlaws V1.1 is needed otherwise this patch will not work, if you don't have that click on the button below to download that first. Your old savegames will not work on Outlaws V2.0.

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Outlaws - V1.1

Upgrade to outlaws v2.0 (version 1.1 needed first)

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