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Welcome to
The World of Computer Fishing Games

By Bo Ingemann Jensen - Denmark

If you are looking for computer fishing games you have come to the right place. This page lists all fishing games ever made. To find more information about a game please select your computer type at the "FISHING GAMES" menu.

The number in (parentes) tells you how many games there is to each system type. If you want to have the lates news about fishing games, you can send me a mail and I will add you to my mailing list. I hope you will enjoy this page - if you do please sign my guestbook.

  • 20 days for Christmas and I'm in bed with the flue. So why not catch up on all the fishing games that has hit the stores without I took notest? A quick look-up on the web will reveal whats going on - and thats my job.

  • Sports Fishing Professional - again - but now in english and in a bundle called Sportsman's Double Play with a hunting game - from

  • 3DCarp is out with a new version what will be 3DCarp 2. I have had a lot of fun with the first demo, so if you are a coarse angler go check it out at

  • More coarse anglig. From italy TrueFish2 is out. You can download a demo at I'm sorry but my italian friend had this info before me - and he didn't even tell me after it was postet - now it's pay-back time! ;-)

  • And now it gets a bit confusing: rumours about a release of Sega Bass Fishing is on its way out on the net. I how found a few links and I believe I have solved the puzzel. Hooked! will be the title in US - a website is up at please note the name "aksysgames".

    On a company announces the release of Bass Fishing WII. The company name sounds the same and both are hooked up with SIMS that also gave us the old Sega Bassgame.

    So is it it? No! 505 games has a game ready for WII called Big Catch Bass Fishing - made by... ArcSystem. This might be the EU PAL version.

    But since sims has made Sega Bass Deul, Top Angler and Mark Davids.. for ps2, it's hard to say what the wii game will look like.

  • Cabela's Monster Bass has been released for ps2 by Activision - but only in us ;-(

  • RiverKing is on it's way to the DS - check the official webpage at

    For the whole back catalog of MMV's look at And here for the biggest masterpease of a webpage regarding the riverking serie + harvest moon

  • I forgot to post a news-update regarding FlySim - sorry but a release 1.5.1 was out - and you can get it at

    And now when we are on the topic of fly fishing - why not give fly fishing game as a gift for X-mas?

  • At you can order Real World Fly Fishing
  • At the final surf I came arround a duch web page with a link to an online game called FishingChamp. It looks very cool - check it out your self at

    And this it final... Woodland Carphunting a download and web version. Thanks for the links NL Boys

  • Thats all folk... not! Pro Pilkki 2 is out in version 0.5 demo - 30mb and it include online web fishing - so get ready for the winter with some ice fishing provided by the brave people from Procyon.
2007-08-05 2007-03-01
  • A new italian fishing game is out called Sportsfishing Professional I have not been able to test it yet, but you can find more infomation about it here and in english here

  • Here is a link for some free flash fishing games.

  • For Rapala Torunamen Fishing look here. The game is for Wii and XBox360.
    The game is produced by Magic Wand Productions

    For the old gba Rapala game look here

    For the old PS2, PC and PSP Rapala games look here and here

  • There is a game out for the PC calle Extreame Fishing 3D. For more info click here
  • Some new fishing games is on it's way to the new nintendo wii. Look for zelda at Youtube and see the amaizing new rod features.

  • Big John Games is working on the new Trophy Bass 2007 for xbox and pc. But it's not the people behind the other Trophy games that is behind it. Look at the company link at see the hall of shame of pre release fishing games. I hope they do it better this time.

  • A new Deluxe Edition of Real World Fly Fishing is available. It adds more waters to the original version, for a total of over 320 fishing sites. It also adds steelhead. There's also a free demo version available now. Check it out at
  • Natsume are having new new geames out: Reel Fishing for psp and ds and Fishing King for ps2 - link

  • Nokia is working on Mobile Angler - and it looks prety nice - link

  • Alos check out Peti Heil online fishing

  • There a some talk on the internet about a new Trophy Bass Game

  • Rapala Trophies should be out for the psp from Activision
  • Times flyes!

  • A new Pro Pilkki 2 demo is out here. It's at version 0.31.
  • Adventure fishing 2 is out - chek it here

  • Check this online fishing game - it's free and fun
    Real World Fly Fishing Contest

    Please anwser the following questions and you have a chance to win a copy of the game:

  • How many sites can you fish in in RWFF?
  • What other games was made by the producer of RWFF? (at least one)
  • Send a fishy storry together with your answer to the cfg mail address

  • Ready for a contest where you can win your own copy of the new Real World Fly Fishing? Then come back arround the first of may to see how you can win it. For a warm-up you can try find some thing fishy to share with us.

  • I was out fishing this weekend for our yearly contest. I was hooked for the start but the fish was'nt. But it was still nice. The weather was great, the company with family and frinds was nice, I got the last price - in a drawing round - and my twin brother did not get anything at all ;-). The bad thing was that my father won a pice so now I'm going to on here his bragging the hole year.
  • PishTech is out with a new Fishing game called Real World Fly Fishing. The game is made by mr. Halter who also gave us Green River and Real Bass Challenge.

  • Check out the history of cfg here.
  • I'm only moveing when I'm kicked...

  • I was kicked by J.R from that told me that they are holding a contest - so check it out!

  • Please also join the cfg club and start sharing your cfg knowledge with us

  • If you have not yet got Fisheramn's Challenge for your ps2 go get it - it rocks!!
  • Time flies, do I need to tell that?

  • I'm not that up at the beet updating this page, but I'm still doing a lot of research! Every week I'm scanning ebay for items to my collection.

  • My oldes son got a ps2 for xmas so now I'm catching up for the tiles - I already go 6 and one is

    on it's way.

  • There has been a silent release of Chapionship Fishing - may this change it! It's a sequal to the Coarse Fisherman and is release by idigicon
  • Happy New Year!

  • When a year runs out, most people try to look back to see what the year has brought them. At the cfg front we got a lot of new games this year, so will 2005 be just as great? I hope so.

  • And what did we give our self? From Andrew I got his old Bass Champ game with all the super rare manulas. I still have not looked at it as much as I would have liked, but its nice to have some thing waithing for you.

  • Der Angel-Simulator is also waithing for beeing played and reviewed.

  • This was also the year where I got some great contacts in Italy, that could help me with information about cfg games.

  • I must admid that my commitment this year wasn't that big. I had many thing to look at besides the cfg's. And if i should be hounest about 2005, I don't think that I would get more time. But lets see how far I get.


  • I'm reading a lot of php documentasion, berauese I want to make this page dynamic. The first test code that I have programed has functions that are looking very good. I still have to brush up my old ER-modeling knowledge (a tecknique to make a model of a database) before the right db design can be done.

  • In the cfg club there has been a nice post abut the good Scarryfish3 game - join the club and read it!

  • I have purged the guest book so new users can sign it. Please do.
  • Der Angel-Simulator and Adventure Fishing is on rotation on my system...

  • Anybody knows how to run Sega Saturn games on a pc? (emulate)
  • Damn its a hard time being the editor on this page. Too many games is comming out at the moment and I was suposed to redesign my page!!! ;-)

  • Today I just found a new game called Der Angel-Simulator. Yes its in german, but with my 5 yers of german in school back in 1987-92 I'm sure it will give me no problems ;-|. See more about the game here.

  • The Adventure Fishing has just landed on my desk and it now ready for testing!!!

  • The Rapala Pro Fishing game is out. Check the official web page here.
  • Rapla is all over the place at the moment. Games for the PC, PS2, Xbox and GBA should be out soon. The GBA version is for sale on ebay and here is a feature list I found for the Xbox version.
    • 11 species of highly detailed fish with realistic AI
    • 2 gameplay modes: Freedom Fishing and Tournament
    • 20 unique tournaments to enter in Tournament mode for realistic trophy fish action
    • Tournaments include unlockable Amazon and Danube Delta levels
    • Over 750 authentic Rapala lures
    • Technology upgrades over previously released fishing titles:
      - Player actually controls the rod for iincreased realism
      - Depth of field, caustic effects, lightt rays, vegetation modeled from real life will provide the best underwater environme nts ever
      - Internet high scores posting
    • 12 unique maps in realistic geographical locations all over the world
    The Xbox game should also support the live features.
  • We have now entered the fall here in Denmark, but I don't mind because we have hade the most wonderful weekende! It has been bettet then the best summerday. Today I had BBQ with the most of my family and we did have a wonderful time - I was the chef at the grill ;-) and the dinner whent out very well.

  • Here is a little corection - the Adventure Fishing is from South Africa - not New Zeland - sorry. A review cd is on its way to me so stay tuned.

  • A italian version of Gone Fishin' was made - it was calles Andiamo A Pesca - thank you Giovanni (joff) for the hint.

  • I'm about to figure out how the Bass Champ serie is conected. Dan and Andrew's files is on hot rotation on my harddisk - thaks for your great help boyes.

  • I'm looking for a new cd-rom drive - the one I have keeps on halting!

  • Yahoo is agin about to exite my mail storage limit - damn them!!!
  • Two new games has showed this week. It's the Adventure Fishing and Petri Heil 2.

    Adventure Fishing Petri Heil

  • In feburary I added a link to a 3d fishing game project that I found on the net. There was no email address on the page so I was not able to find any more info. The game is now done and the programmer has contacted me! Btw he is from New Zeland. The game is now called Adventure Fishing. A demo can be found here.

  • The other game Petri Heil 2 online. It has some very nice graphic. A demo can be found here.

  • Here is two links to some nice italian cfg pages:

  • Yahoo is doing a progress on my mail accout, but it stil keeps growing to fast even though I delet most of the mail that I get.
  • My yahoo mail address is out of order at the moment - yahoo can't count!!!! please use bobidk(at) for any contacts - thanks.
  • GOT IT!!! Finaly the postman found me so he could deliver me "Rich Tauber's Bass Champ". Thank to Andrew for the donation. Now I only have one problem... the floppy was corupted. So now I need a copy of the "Legendary Lakes IBM ver 2.3" floppy.

    And so far I can se there is only one way - we must find the Programmer mr. Scott R. Hartley who lives in Iowa. To all You in US that lives near Iowa, please try to find him for me and ask him to contact me. I would love to make an interview with him.

    A nother person that might be able to help is mr Dan Badur.
  • A great cfg day!!! Just when it looked like to be a boring summer without any news everything changed. Today I got a japanees fishing game in my mail box for the PS1 and it did only cost me 6$!

  • The game In-Fisherman: Freshwater Trophies will be released today for the pc - I hope to be able to tell some more about it soon - Thanks to Tomi from Croatia for the lead. Look here for shots.

    And yet another game is on its way Rapala Pro Fishing from Activision should acording to EB Games be out 2004-08-31. Look here. I'm not sure what platform it will cover, it looks like it will be out for PS2, Xbox, PC and GBA.

  • I got an email from Andy (USA) and he told me that Bass Champ should me in my mail box now, I just can't wait for it to arrive.
  • Just surfing the net I found a Xbox game called Pro Fishing Challange that will be release 204-08-17. You can sea more about it here.

    A E3 chick called Cassy Coelho is the show girl for the game.

  • I also found some rare pictures from 3 Snes games.

  • I have ordered a japanees fishing game: The ?. Will give it a write when I get it.

  • Hi again. I'm still here, but we have had a hell of a summer so far here in Denmark so my motivation is quite low at the monent.

  • I have made quite a progress on the review of USA Bass Championship. I need to take a few screenshuts and then to make the final layout.

  • If some of your hard-core fishing game players know some thing about the game Monster Bass! for the psx, please give me some hints.

  • Hello again and thans for looking in. The sping is abuot to end and the summer is near. I have had a poor start on my fishing sesson.

  • A mail from Fabio in Italy (look for it in the cfg club) did kick my motivation so now a little update ;-)

  • Here is the cover from the USA Bass Challange:

  • And here is a rare cover from Dick Olsens BassDual:

  • And I do know that the atari and the amiga site is down at the moment.
  • Vegard Krog Petersen from Norway has made a web page containing all kinds of web fishing games. Nice work - and so I'm free of keeping track of it ;-) Here is the link: web fishing games

  • Do you know any surfcasting tricks, please mail me - I have got a new rod so now I only need to learn how to use it.

  • Did you miss the game The Fishin' Hole for mac and window - a link to it is here.
  • I have now got the USA Bass Championship from Valusoft - a low price 3D fishing game - more words lader on.

  • I can confirm that Super Black Bass and Black Bass Lure Fishing is not the same game, even though the covers has much in commen. The background lake is the same, but the fish in front is different! The Super Black Bass is based on the Super Black Bass Pocket game. Black Bass Lure Fishing is based on the old Hyper Black Bass (gb) / The Black Bass (nes).

    Black Bass Lure Fishing Super Black Bass

  • The X Box has a gamme called Pro Cast, has been release in Japan under the name Lakemasters, a title that has been used 3 or 4 times for the playstation.

  • I have downloade a lot of fishing game pictures that I need to order.

  • Look out for the up-comming game Championship Fishing.
  • I spoke with my father today, and we just found out that there is only a month for our yearly fishing contest here in Denmark. Me and my twin brother have been contesting for more then ten years now, my father for more then 30.

  • Flysim has been released today!! Chek out the demo here The price is $24.95. And I can tell you that it's good - because me and my son has been beta-testing it!!! Go order it now, the people behind the game has a lot of ideares for more fishng games.

  • To day I found out that Valusoft has a game out called USA Bass Championship. Check it out - it's onlyt $9.99

  • Some thing good is one it's way to the pc this year!!! At the moment I'm beta testing 2 fly fishing games and I know that yet another games is on it's way from the creator of the MS-DOS game Coarse Fisherman.

    Here are some thumbnails from one of them - FlySim.

  • A new games is one it's way. It's called FlySim see here for more info. A release date is set to March 2004.

  • I have found some new links to demo games. Check it out here . There is a demo for the Pro Bass fishing 2003
  • Here is a linke for an interesting 3D fishing game project - link. I can't find a mail address to the programmer, so I can't tell you what the status is.
  • Welcome back on year 2004. I have been without my DSL for 3 months but now I'm back! I will start to re-desing the frontpage so it becomes more simpel.

  • Any news? Yes I have a beta version of a fly fishing game running on my pc (I'm beta testing)

  • WON has closed the Trophy Bass 4 net game.

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Go Fish (win) - Dynamix
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