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Kathy Rateliff

Kathy Rateliff:

Kathy is an ordained minister, certified christian doula (CCD), certified christian childbirth educator (CCCE), graduate midwife, parenting educator, monitrice, administrator for T2 Shepherd Ministries, volunteer staff chaplain at the Tarrant County jail, wife and professional mom. In addition to her two surviving natural children, Kathy has a daugther-in-love, adopted children, step-children, and foster children. Her total number of children as of October, 2004 is 75.

Kathy was one of 100 women chosen by Charming Shoppes, Inc. for the 2004 Voices Awards. Voices honors 100 women making a difference through community service programs. (There were 10,000 nominations for the 2004 Voices awards campaign.) Her involvement in the Tarrant County Jail teaching parenting and relationship education was the focus of her award.

Kathy lives in Dallas, Texas. This location offers many opportunties to stay busy. She attended Fountain of Life Church in Watauga for almost fourteen years and worked in various programs and ministries of the church. Since her recent move, she attends Unity Church of Dallas and stays active there.

I hope you will take the time to explore the site. Hopefully you will find something you are interested in on one of the subpages. These pages include:

Titus 2 Birthing Related Pages

T2 Shepherd Ministries
Titus 2 Birth Services
Sanctity of Life
In Favor of Choice
A History of Birthing
Titus 2 Birthing Informed Consent Policy

Titus 2 Birthing Workshops and Certification Information (CCD & CCM):

Statement of Faith - T2 Shepherd Ministries and In His Service Ministries
Titus 2 Birthing Certified Christian Doula (CCD) Program
Certified Christian Monitrice (CCM) Program
Clinical Skills Introduction training following Labor Support Workshops
Recommended Reading List (CCD & CCM)
Titus 2 Birthing CCD, CCM and CCCE Operating Documents
Titus 2 Birth Notes Newsletters (no longer active)
1999 Newsletters
2000 Newsletters
2001 Newsletters
Titus 2 Program FAQ

Titus 2 Birthing Workshop Locations and Dates (CCD & CCM):

Dallas/ Ft. Worth Area
Registration Form for Labor Support Workshops (CCD & CCM)
Titus 2 Birthing Certified Christian Childbirth Educator (CCCE) Program
Registration Form
Recommended Reading List

Christian Woman and Health Care workshop and booklet

Jail Ministry Related Pages

Titus 2 Birthing Jail Program to Pregnant Inmates
For the Jennifers and Emmas of the World

Vaccine Related Pages

Vaccine Refusal Form
Vaccine Exemption Information
Religious and Philosophical Exemption Worksheet
Vaccines: a Matter of Choice, Safety and Value * * * Updated 10/22/2004 * * *
Vaccine Information Workshops for Parents and Professionals
Vaccine FAQ Sheet
When Immunizations Are a Pro-Life Issue
Why Vaccine Choice Should Concern You
Vaccine Military Exemptions

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