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Have you (or anyone else you know with a TiVo) ever tried to record a movie or show that you REALLY wanted to see, and couldn't because you got the dreaded "bong" and "Not enough space to record program"?

Or have you had to delete something you really wanted to keep to makespace for your Season Passes or new recordings?

Or, have you just ever sat there and thought, "I really wish my TiVo had more space!"?

Well, if so, right now you can upgrade your TiVo now with up to 300 HOURS OF RECORDING TIME! Prices start at just $69 for an additional 35 hours (plus the cost of the bracket if your unit requires one - which varies from model to model) for factory imaged add-on and primary replacement drives.

We have upgrades (and replacement primary drives) for both TiVo Series-1 and Series-2 stand-alone and DirecTV models. Depending on your model, by replacing your original drive and/or adding second drive, you can get over 300 hours of recording space!**

We use only factory certified drives, so you are guaranteed not to see any strange performance problems, including hangs, over-pixelization, or glitching, as with other "do-it-yourself" web upgrades that try to use a sub-standard PC-compatible hard drive formatted with Linux hacking tools. The drives in your TiVo are specially designed for TiVo, and have a proprietary formatting that can be mimmicked, but NOT duplicated, with hacking techniques. This special formatting is necessary for the extreme demands of video streaming to ensure peak performance, and is only available on factory-imaged drives.

Upgrades to the unit do not affect your subscription service in any way. The service is independent of the amount of recording capacity of the unit. Note, however, that opening up the unit does void the manufacturers' original 1-year warranty (which, if the unit is already over 1 year old, is already void anyway) on the unit.

All drives carry a 180-day warranty from the manufacturer plus we offer a 30-day warranty on our labor.

Or, if you're just having problems with your TiVo (original or upgraded), we also have original factory replacement drives for all TiVo Series-1 and Series-2 models including DirecTV TiVo.

Finally, if you're tech saavy and want to do the work yourself, we have both primary replacement and upgrade drives starting at just $59 (plus the cost of the bracket if required, and shipping & handling).

Or, if you want to order a factory-reconditioned TiVo Series-1 unit (and even upgrade it with more space), we're a factory-authorized reseller of factory reconditioned Philips TiVo units. These models include range from 60-hour units to 240-hour units and most can be further upgraded to more than 300 hours. Factory-reconditioned units come with a 90-day warranty. Please send us an email for pricing.

We're located in San Jose, CA, so you can either UPS the product to us or hand-carry it in if you prefer. If you would like more information, please reply using the email link below with a phone number and best time to reach you, and a representative will contact you within one business day. If you send your unit in, return shipping and handling will be added to the final price as necessary.

(** Note: Total capacity varies slightly from model to model and may not be EXACTLY as noted above. Also, on stand-alone models (non-DirecTV), capacity quoted is at basic quality; using the best quality for recording gives only approximately 30% of above quoted capacity.)

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A quote will be sent back to you within 1 business day. All work waranteed for 30 days.

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