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Morning, afternoon and evening all! Welcome to the pantathon of all websites. Never before has so much webspace been wasted on such trivial things as you will see here today... Or any other day for that matter... In fact if you come back another day there's likely to be even more rubbish here than there is now!

Anyhoo, I'm Tim and I'm trapped in the despicable hole of a place that is Wisbech. Look it up, it's the place near all of the places you wouldn't be seen dead... Anyway, I've just finished my A-levels which is nice and I'm on holiday for the next few months before I join the Air Force some time later this Autumn.

What's here now is either because my email isn't sending files or it's here for linking purposes but soon I'll try and put some proper stuff up for people who don't want to waste their time viewing a blank web page... I'm currently fiddling around with my Landrover pics as she's finally roadworthy. Feel free to take a look if you're really bored!

Look back later if you have any interest in XCom, very old landrovers or me! That's kind of the topic of this website after all! Until that stuff exists though I leave you with tidings of peace and prosperity. May your children be born free of mutation!

Kiss my face.
Damn I hate that kid...
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Ok so it's strange but it's much more fun than a micra! 27 years old and still solid as a rock, I should know I'm trying to take her apart! She runs nicely but not nicely enough so I'm overhauling the engine to see if I can't make her purr a little less ferociously and go a bit faster! The only experience she's had in my hands is open fields and random mud track joyrides but hey! What's the point of four wheel drive if you're not going to use it?
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