The Dark Forest of Fernmost

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The darkness of the forest envelops you even before you set foot among the gnarled trees and foliage. Its touch is ambiguous - at first it feels like a warm, loving embrace, then an instant later it is a malevolent force, stalking its prey. These two feelings merge and their impact strikes deep into your heart. Immediately, you feel the urge to run, to escape this godforsaken place, but the snap of a tree branch behind you makes you spin around and draw your weapon in a combative stance. Before you stands a sombre young man who introduces himself as Night Owl. He is the overseer of this outpost, sent by Supreme Master Lone Wolf himself to watch over this dark domain in Southern Magnamund. As if visitors were commonplace, he immediately begins to take you on a tour of the Forest, detailing its bleak history...

The Forest of Fernmost is a sizable forest in Southern Magnamund. It is a dark and forbidding place. There are many superstitions that it is inhabited by creatures of evil, spawned by the twisted mind of the Wytch-king Shasarak. It was once a part of the ancient nation known as Taklakot. However, Shasarak's betrayal of Taklakot scorched it bare, leaving only the forbidden city of Gyanima behind as a remnant of this lost civilization. According to legend, the spirits of those who were burned to death in Taklakot wander the Forest, seeking vengeance upon any who dare to enter.

Despite the legends, some healers and herbwardens from all over Magnamund venture here to find many rare and exotic herbs and plants. Over here we have a Druse tree. The sticky, resinous sap flowing beneath its bark is the only known cure for the Red Death plague. Many other plants in the Fernmost can be made into potions. Right over there is a clump of Laumspur, a healing herb. It can be eaten fresh or made into a potion. Here is a shrub bearing orange berries known as Alether. Whether consumed in potion form or as raw berries, Alether temporarily increases a warrior's prowess in combat. The small seeds of the Tarama plant may not look very impressive, but they actually store a very powerful magic which allows a wizard to cast a spell without draining himself of energy. Be sure to avoid the carpet of pink fungi. The spores of the Calacena mushrooms are known to cause hallucinations and are often used to enhance the effects of an illusion or enchantment. Ezeran crystals may be formed into a potion that is a potent acid which can eat through any known metal. The unassuming Mustow plant can make a potion not unlike a smoke bomb or tear gas. And the rare Temeris plant can be made into a potion that allows a wizard to teleport to any one place that he or she desires. So, obviously, the power of the flora of the Forest of Fernmost is indeed a powerful incentive for braving the legend of the vengeful spirits of Taklakot.

The outpost is small, but not uncomfortably so, and Night Owl invites you to make yourself at home.
Have a look around if you so desire...

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I've also decided to throw in a table of unusual characteristics of the Lone Wolf books - namely, the number of sections in the book containing a combat, and the number of sections in the book in which Lone Wolf dies outright.
GS 12627
GS 21825
GS 31427
GS 43624
FW 13220
FW 22022
FW 31529
FW 42619
LW 12915
LW 21825
LW 33019
LW 44514
LW 53912
LW 62819
LW 73917
LW 83718
LW 93810

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