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Book 1 - Grey Star the Wizard
sectionenemy nameCSEPsectionenemy nameCSEP
995 Shadakine Crossbowmen25322032 Shadakine Crossbowmen1518
101Najin 11010205Shadakine Warrior1115
101Najin 2910224Shadakine Warrior1320
101Najin 31010231Quoku1230
101Najin 479243Jailer814
101Najin 5810246Soldier Mantiz1410
101Najin 610122552 Shadakine Warriors1525
101Najin 799259Darkling Room2830
101Najin 81192602 Soldier Mantiz1820
101Najin 9109265Shadakine Warrior1418
1172 Shadakine Warriors15252722 Soldier Mantiz2015
120Shadakine Rearguard2530281Large Quoku1530
133Cut-Throat10122844 Soldier Mantiz2025
149Kleasá2530308Shadakine Warriors2019
154Cave Mantiz1518309Shadakine Guard1216
189Shadakine Officer2526321Jailer810
197Soldier Mantiz1510337Wounded Quoku1418
Book 2 - The Forbidden City
sectionenemy nameCSEPsectionenemy nameCSEP
4Swamp Giant1630116Dead City Wretch1525
10Swamp Giant1630123Magdi Hounds2535
11Shadakine Warriors1824134Mad Courtiers1823
20Magdi Hound2030163Shadakine Warrior1825
39Wildman14201763 Dead City Wretches1825
61Magdi2030251Mad Guard2025
82Magdi Hound2030254Gatekeeper1028
83Dead City Wretch1525273Scree Wyrm1822
99Shadakine Warrior1720301Wildman1420
Book 3 - Beyond the Nightmare Gate
sectionenemy nameCSEPsectionenemy nameCSEP
17Daemonak2128137Wounded Eagle3025
57Elessi Leader1225178Wounded Wolf2020
87Giant Eagle3030194Creature of the Mists2125
97Tower Door3045243Jahksa3035
108Chaos-bird2025296Giant Wolf2026
123Jahksa3030322Elessi Leader1225
Book 4 - War of the Wizards
sectionenemy nameCSEPsectionenemy nameCSEP
28Toad Demon1716216Shadakine Officer2024
33Shadakine1916221Ape Demon1817
51Ape Demon2015226Insect Demon1817
72Three Demons of the Plain2030233Demon Spiderfly2524
78Man Demon2021235Flying Snake2124
82Reptile Demon of the Plains2122236Three Demons1824
87Four Demons of the Plains2134244Flying Snake2020
111Winged Demon2020256Shadakine Warriors2240
123Three Ape Demons2425264Four Demons of the Plains2134
126Reptile Demon2122265Winged Ape2216
128Rat Demon1920269Shadakine Horsemen1920
129Wytch-King Shasarak1020270Demon Master3040
131Wytch-King Shasarak3030288Two Demons of the Plains1820
152Flying Snake2023296Ipagé Demon2020
161Winged Demon2031302Three Reptile Demons2425
166Demon1619317Winged Demon2019
184Wounded Winged Demon1512342Skeleton Warrior2025
202Flying Snake1918345Wytch-King Shasarak3025
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