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T.W.A.T. are really good! Read the full story below.

Hello friends! We are T.W.A.T. and we are skill and we don't care if you think we're not cos you suck and no one likes you anyway. This is our website. Please feel free to explore and take in the sights, the sounds and various other delights. You twat.

Get your ass over to the T.W.A.T. page on Mp3.com. You can download some songs.....and.....that's about all, but it's something to do ain't it.

New Stuff!!!(last update 19/01/02)

You didn't really think we'd split up did you?.... duh! You suck, you are soooo lame, oh my god, what a twat. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were pleased to see the back of us. 

Keep your eyes peeled for news of the T.W.A.T. - 'Helping You Extend You Penis To 14 Inches' Tour 2002. It shall take place in random people's garages sometime this year, we might consult with them first, although it'd be funnier if we didn't. There should be some new recordings in the near future too, but don't hold your breath cos we smell nice.

Many thanks for all of your support over Furburger's boner incident. With your love and support he has managed to overcome the problem and intends to pursue treatment to make sure it should not 'Arise' in the future.

'Til next time remember, T.W.A.T. is cumming!


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