Somewhere Out There .....

.... are aliens visiting Earth. Yes I know, I've met enough of those from the personal ads, thank you. I'd like to try the more down to earth types for a change. Should I make up a wish list of likes and dislikes? Hey, why not ask for the world when the world is listening in!

I have babbled on and on about myself already, so now I'm searching for someone who can complement my shortcomings. I'm the existential pessimist who needs someone to give me a bear hug after a depressing day at the office. The most enjoyable people to be with are the ones with a good sense of humor who can step out of his own shoes and learn to laugh at himself when life throws yet another curve.

Of course, I would like to meet someone with all the usual wonderful adjectives; good natured, kind, gentle, modest, carefree, outgoing, inquisitive, passionate, blah blah blah. But I think the buzz word for me is 'insightful' - I want to share my life with someone who knows that the best things in life aren't things. He is very romantic and sentimental but not overly melodramatic. He will challenge my ideas as I will of his. For I see this as a necessity for a dynamic relationship to grow.

I don't care to label you as butch, soft (masculinly challenged), dominant, subserviant, white or Wong, femme fatale, etc. I believe it is your ability to face yourself in the mirror (that's figurative speaking, dear) that breaks this barrier for the need to roleplay. But definitely spare me the attitude and spiteful games of the mind and heart.

On my more superficial side, I have a weakness for broad flat shoulders, long upper V-shaped back, a slim waist, and a tight round tush (teeheehee).

But seriously, probably above all, I seek honesty. As the song goes, ... it's such a lonely word ... If nothing else, I really need that. Is it so much to ask for? Apparently yes. So prove me wrong!!

P.S. With this new software I saw, "101 Templates of Love Letters", I shall be well on my way to finding a wonderful relationship!

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