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    The Movie Review Page

I'd like to put new movies and nothing but new movies on this review page, but I'm not seeing as many movies as I used to. Instead, I'll only post my reviews of my all-time favorites and maybe from time to time, some notable new movies.

Pulp Fiction (*****) - My all time favorite movie. There is no movie out there that is filled with so much wit and crackles with so much energy. There are scenes in this movie that just make your spine tingle, they're so good. And that's what you feel when you watch it. There really isn't a category for this movie because it is all at once, Drama, Dark Comedy, and Action. See it if you haven't and if you have, remind yourself of how good it really is.

Reservoir Dogs (****) - Quentin Tarantino's first movie, this early work shows the potential that Tarantino has for movie making. Although not as polished or complete a work as Pulp Fiction, there is greatness in its coy revealing of the plot and its characters' dialogue. Extremely violent and brutal, but adrenaline-pumping to the end.

A Better Tomorrow (****) - John Woo's first collaboration with Asian action star, Chow Yun Fat. This early work of Woo shows the same tendencies towards loyalty and torn alliances that he will show for years to come. Fat is not the main character, but does a superb job portraying the loyal best friend who will sacrifice everything to honor his companion. Excellent action scenes that blow the piss out of comparibly inane American action flicks. Followed by two sequels. The second is notable for its extremely beautiful action scene at the end.

The Killer (*****) - Considered by many to be John Woo's masterpiece, this action-packed film tells the tale of a hitman, portrayed by Fat, who accidentally blinds a singer while doing his business. He befriends her and vows to restore her eyesight at all costs. To do that, he must collect the money that is owed to him. The man has no intention to pay him his money and instead intends to have Fat killed. In the middle are Fat's best friend, a crippled former hitman, and a cop who vows to bring Fat in for his crimes. Strong themes of loyalty and beautiful action sequences again make appearances in Woo's work.

Hard Boiled (*****) - Woo's follow up to the Killer is shorter on plot or story, but makes up for it by being the greatest single acftion movie ever produced. The thrills with Hard Boiled come at such a constant rate there's little time to catch your breath. The movie starts out with an elaborate action scene, follows it up with several huge gunfights and ends with a 45 minute action extravaganza in a hospital. There is so much to be in awe of in the gunfights that one sitting will not do for this movie.

Enter the Dragon (*****) - Similar to Hard Boiled in that there is a paper-thin story supported by beautiful action sequences. Bruce Lee's finest picture remains the finest martial arts movie ever made with excellent choreagraphy and fighting done by Lee. There is no better martial arts movie than this one.

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