Williamson power amplifier It was my first home-brewed tube amplifier. The power and output transformers were from Sansui. Driver and power tubes were 12AU7 and 6L6GC in triode connect. I was using a FET class A pre-amplifier at that time. The Williamson served me a few years and allowed me to learn a lot about building tube amplifier.
The Mini 7 preamplifier Base on one of the world famous preamplifier 'Mar*ntz 7'. In the past years, I have done a lot of cutting and trying, upgrading the components to improve her performance. She is my favorite.
Tube regulator with Heater soft-starter I'm looking for the way to re-use my used tubes. Everybody who uses a vacuum tube pre-amplifier should try this project.
MOS. FET output stage

I named it Baby-300B.

Those good high power output transformers were hard to fine and expensive, so I looked for an easier way to built my amp. This project used only a few components that were easy to get, it is working without FB, no distortion was noticible, it was a great success. This amp is still working in my bedroom with LS3/5a. A preamplifier with high gain is required.
MOS. FET Hybrid amplifier

With 6FQ7/6SN7, I add some more gain to the Baby 300B.

I built this 100W tube sound alike amplifier with the 6SN7 or 6FQ7 for driver and the MOS. FET for power output. I have built a total of 5 of these, one for myself and other four for my friends. This hybrid amplifier had beaten down a few expensive amplifiers on market during in A/B test.
SE 300B power amplifier Built in March of 1994. Although the 300B power tube and the SE output transformer are expensive, it is a worthy project.
JA*IS DPL preamplifier I got the PCB layout and the schematic after repair the heater regulator of this amplifier for one of my friends. This will be my next project.
6922 Hybrid amplifier The Baby 300B and the 300B tube power amplifier are working without feedback. I like their sound very much. This will be my project after the DPL.
Other Schematic I put some single-end pp schematic in here.
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