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April 2001 by Webmater Nate
Yeah, I know another re-design, and another long time since an update. However if you notice the site has had a name change, and a new purpose on the web. I figured why call it the Jackie Chan WebRing if I'm gonna have reviews and other cool stuff. Mind you, the webring will still be here, but I wanna offer the Jackie fans more. Here's a rundown of what to expect once the site is on it own domain (which is already registered, and will be running shortly)

  • Jackie Chan News and info (especialy Canadian specific news)
  • Cool Downloads (already have a wallpaper for download)
  • Reviews (eventualy I will add a user comments section lika Amazon.com)
  • Forum (where everybody can post messages about Jackie and his movies)
  • Monthly polls (survey says!)
  • Jackie Chan Store (This will take some time and money!)
  • Contests (Miracles DVD giveaway will begin when domain is running)
    The next three items may take some time to get running
  • Interviews (Gotta work on how this will be accomplished?)
  • WebRing (run on my domain with nothing to do with Yahoo!)
  • Articles by myself and perhaps others in the Jackie fan community

As you can see I have high hopes for this new incarnation of the site, and I hope everybody will have a bit of patience as it evolves into something great.

Note: Webring members will get their own area of the site to chat, get webring codes and other neat things. When I switch the webring system to my own domain from Yahoo, you will have to sign up and put new code on your page. Sorry for the inconvenience but this new system gives more customizing features than yahoo, and gives more options.

PS. Site may get a slight redesign in the future to accomodate any new features.