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Official Jackie Chan Web Site
The best place to get info and merchandise
Golden Harvest
The company responsible for producing almost all of Jackie's films in Hong Kong.
Media Asia
A major distribution company in Hong Kong.
Tai Seng
Imports and distributes many Hong Kong action flicks. prices are getting better.
New Line Cinema
Alliance Atlantis
Canadian distributor of Jackie's New Line releases.
Distributor of some of Jackies films in North America. Unfortunately not attentive to what the fans want.
Columbia Tri-Star
Gives pretty good releases of Jackie's movies with original language tracks and subtitles.
Hong Kong Legends Responsible for phenomonal DVD transfers of some Jackie's films among other Hong Kong stars.
Cool VCD
A great place to get chinese VCD's
Jackie Chan Mailing List
A wonderful mailing list run by Tony Lane. Many knowledgeable people on this list and a fun bunch all together.
Currency Calculator
Wanna know how much that JC import will cost ya in your own currency?