Usagi's Bedroom

Pijama Party

Hello minna (everyone). Welcomed to the main bedroom of Sailor Moon Mansion: Usagi's.
Put your pijama on, bring silly games, chocolate ice cream, your love letters and get prepared for a fun night


Have a look at the galleries, or read the intended-to-be-fun rant, about why Usagi is the main role in the story.

If you are wondering about the bunny, it is because Usagi's name in Japanese, Tsukino Usagi, means Rabbit of the moon. Tsuki: moon no: of Usagi: rabbit

Jewelry Box
Take a look at the beautiful things Usagi saves here.
Find her transformations brooches, the grial and more.

Enjoy some Mamoru images in which he is ALWAYS wearing his green jacket!


Get a glimpse at Usagi and Mamoru images accompanied with poems and comments. Sonnet XIV is dedicated to Princess Serenity, A Sonnet from the Portuguese to Prince Endymion and CXVI to both.
Sonnets I, VIII and XXIV to Mamoru and Usagi. Sonnet XXVII is to Usagi as an angel of hope while XXXII is a special gallery to the last ball at the Silver Millenium and "On the sea" is Neokings'Our new galleries: a second Sonnet VIII, a Neo King's, and Composed upon Westminster Bridge is Crystal Tokyo's

Missing him


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