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A 3-minute guide to Singapore

Warning : We do not take responsibility for the effect of the links below with regards to speed. They may and most probably will contain pictures so if you're prepared to wait, go right ahead and click on them.

Read about Singapore on the Singapore InfoMap. This is a new service provided by the Singapore government, and is considered to be the electronic version of the Singapore yearbook.

To learn more about Singapore, follow this link to the Singapore Online Guide. You may also read about Singapore from the CIA's World Factbook 1994, or learn about Singapore statistics from Singapore's own Department of Statistics.You can also browse the latest news in Singapore on Singapore Headline News

The Singapore Internet Community is a voluntary Internet service maintained by some overseas Singaporeans, and it promises to be "an internet site for everyone that showcases our multifaceted Singapore". Try out their Cafe Vanda, Singapore's only internet kopitiam.

The bi-monthly magazine, SINGAPORE, published specially for Singaporeans overseas, is now online. In it can be found articles related to Singapore's globalization effort and the ramifications of Singapore's ventures overseas. You know--the usual stuff.

A SunSITE has also been set up in Singapore. It is a software, information and technology exchange venture by Sun Microsystems and the National University of Singapore. Computer buffs will definitely want to check this out. Also, SunSITE has a "white page" listing of Singaporeans with home pages.

Local Passions

Soccer, the most popular sport in Singapore, is now online.

Singaporeans also like to shop, and Singapore has the reputation of being the world's shopping paradise.

Food is also another Singaporean passion. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian and European cuisines to satisfy the gourmet/gourmand/glutton.

Education in Singapore

Most Singaporean students attend 6 years of primary school, 4 years of secondary school, followed by either (i) 2 years of junior college and then 3 to 4 years of university education, or (ii) 3 years of diploma education. The following is a list of schools in Singapore with home pages:

This page is taken from UMICH SSA with permission.

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