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Could all Singaporeans please complete their registration forms for the Singapore High Comm. Read here for further details.

Urgent! Anyone interested in working on Next year's 'Bridges' please contact me. Also, anyone interested in maintaining this website. Candidates must be in KCL!

KCLMSS reccommends Singapore Straits Times for best online content for Malaysian and Singaporean news.

The following organisations would like you to visit their pages. They are in no way endorsed or supported by the KCL MSS but are shown for your information.

Malaysian Job Center at 'New Malaysia'
Special page on 'tensions' across the straits at Pacific Internet.

  • Welcome to the King's College London Malaysian and Singaporean Society!

  • The MSS exists to facilitate interaction between the Malaysian and Singaporean students in KCL, as well as allowing British students the chance to experience their native cultures.

On this site, you will find:

The Current MSS Programme

The Current Committee members

A list of Other Malaysian and Singaporean Student Organisations around the world

Some Malaysian Links

Some Singaporean Links

Photos of past events

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