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Before You Send E-mail...

Here are some things that you must know:


1. Please don't ask me about hosting my fic in another site.  Alternately, please don't ask me to host your fics.


2. Since I have been having problems with junk e-mail, please put [MAIL] at the beginning of the e-mail, so I won't delete it.  I also delete e-mails that have no subject lines, so I'm sorry if I accidentally deleted your e-mail.


3. You can send comments for Watari by indicating that it's for him on the subject line.  Just write: [MAIL] For Watari so I won't open it.


4. C&C's are forever appreciated. ^_^


Send e-mails to: bukiminatenshi @ lycos . com


Just delete the spaces in between. ^^