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"I like to teach you all the rules
I'd get to see them set in stone
I like it when you chain me to the bed
There your secrets never shone"
~Puddle of Mudd - Control

Hello! I'm Minako, welcome to my page of Ranma 1/2 fanfics. I have another fanfic page, but it's got really weird stuff posted on it, so I went for something a little less insane. ^_^ If you want to see my other page (the fics are mostly plotless crossovers, but there are a few I love) it's here: Enter the Insanity... Minako's Fanfics. To add to that, I've been busy, and I now have yet another page for all my uninsane fics that aren't Ranma 1/2! Exit the Insanity... the Rest of Minako's fics. Now, that's all well and good, but completely beside the point.

As I said, this is my page of Ranma 1/2 fanfics. Ranma 1/2's my very favourite anime. Though I do watch a ton of other things. If you don't know what Ranma 1/2 is, shame on you! Go here and learn.

Due to a few awful things, like school, I don't have much time to write fanfics, in fact, most of these get written while I'm supposed to be doing my homework ^_^ Please, feel free to sign my guestbook, it doesn't bite, or at least, no one's complained about it, so I'll assume it doesn't...

Ok, I figured I had oughta put this here because of the number of yaoi fics I've written. Shounen ai is a guy/guy relationship, in short, I think Ranma and Ryouga make a good couple, and I don't mean his girl-type... None of this stuff is hentai, or even vaguely lemonish. Not all of my fics are shounen ai fics, and they're labelled if they are, so don't worry, you're not walking into any surprises with my other fics... in fact, I think Ranma and Akane make a decent couple ^_~ so, with that said, read on...

April 3, 2000:
Well, I had a Guestbook... then it died... now I have a new one ^_^ *sigh* how pathetic is this. I've started a new fic, and worked on 'Abandoning One's Manhood', I also finished one, but I have to fix it up a bit (a lot) before I post it. Well, eventually I'll be able to post it...

April 24, 2000:
I put up Part 2 of Abandoning One's Manhood, and I've started Part 3, I figure I'll try to finish that before I start anything new ^_^

May 15, 2000:
Da! New stuff, completely. I got about halfway through Part 3 of Abandoning One's Manhood, and can't exactly figure out what's supposed to come next (I have all this stuff written down, it's just writing it that's the hard part!) So, I added a fic I wrote a LONG time ago (back around February), because I finally got around to fixing it up. ^_^

May 20, 2000:
Whoah, two updates in less than a week, that's a new one. Then again, it's the May 24 weekend (for those of you who don't live in Canada, it's a long weekend.) And I have all sorts of free time because, unlike my friends, I have no life. So I've been sitting around writing fics. ^_^ I can't say that's a bad thing though. I still haven't written any more of Abandoning One's Manhood, but I wrote a songfic.

July 6th, 2000:
Hehe... been awhile, ne? School's out!! ^_^ I have free time I can write stuff... isn't it wonderful? I have written more of Abandoning One's Manhood... but I'm kinda not done part 3yet... The question of what the heck am I doing, adding a word? I started it four MONTHS ago... I will finish it... I'm just kinda stuck, so I drop it, and go write something else... not a good attitude, but hey, no one's perfect. I do, however, have a new fic, a Ranma Ryouga one ^_^ I was on a role after a conversation with 'Taru-chan.

July 30th, 2000:
School is still out, summer is half over... and I FINALLY finished part 3 of Abandoning One's Manhood (whoohoo!!) Took me long enough, but at least it's done now, ne? I've also finished something else, and it'll be up in the next day or two (depending on how my life goes, and whether or not I get around to editing it before Yui-chan comes for two weeks, during which, very little will get done...) Anyways, I've been having fun, and might actually get to update my other page in a couple of days... that would be the first time in about 5 months... I am pathetic... oh well. ^_^ At least I finished Part 3 (now there's Part 4 to do...)^_^

August 24th, 2000:
Yo! Me again! Well, no more of Abandoning One's Manhood this time, though I have started part 4 (almost done the whole thing! Though it looks like I may havta alter the last part...) Well, anyway, I have a new fic, another song fic, only it's kinda long (for me) and, it's kinda yaoi... yeah... Well, I'l try to finish part 4 soon... ja!

November 18, 2000:
Ummm... My counter appears to have committed suicide... does anyone know how to fix Geocities counters, or why it may have disappeared? I've tried to fix it, but it didn't work. Kay, anyway, my bet is nothing will happen here for awhile. I'm on a real Gundam Wing run now that they've FINALLY decided to release it in Canada, but it's almost done, so Is hould get back to this by next year, gomen ne! But, it's either I don't write, or I write really bad...

February 11, 2001:
Well, I lose even more, I am no longer in possession of a computer, this page will not be updated until that changes, I'm sorry! I'd even started work on the next part of Abandoning, but my mum, brother, and I finally moved out, and my dad kept the computer, so I'll very rarely be able to go on. My most sincerest of apologies, I'll try and update as soon as is humanly possible (the move is also one of the main reasons this page hasn't been updated at all for the past four months, hontou ni gomen nasai!!)

April 2, 2001:
Got a counter! Thank you OKcounter ^_^ I love you! ^_^ DAISUKI!! ^_^ *cough* that's enough of that. I still don't have a computer, and I'm still going to school, so I haven't written anything, and still won't be able to for awhile. My dad's promised me a computer by the first, but I don't believe him... he'll probably cheat me out of my birthday gift and give it to me as that, ne? Oh well, sorry for the ongoing lack. And, I even made a poll, as can be seen below. ^_^ It's a good day (now, if only I didn't have so much homework...)

July 29, 2001:
Well... here I am.... I've gone through and re-read all my fics, fixed some of the spelling errors, and updated my email account... I still don't have a computer. So, the ongoing lack continues (mou... I'm getting urges to write fics and I CAN'T. But, that's ok. I'm going to hunt around my dad's harddrive and see if there's anything I haven't yet posted that I meant to, so there may be an update in the next few hours, dude. At least school's out, ne?

August 12, 2001:
I'm actually updating... ok... so it's an out of season Valentine's Day fic but that's not the point! A fic is a fic, ne? I haven't yet figured out how to word part 4 of Abandoning, so it hasn't gotten done yet, but hopefully it won't take me too long, ne? ^_^ So, there you go, an actual update for the first time in a long time. I think I'll take a bow ^_^

September 5, 2001:
Look at this! Another update in less than a month, isn't this amazing... not part four though (I'm not avoiding it, I swear) I think it was a little bit odd that I wrote a Ranma fic, I wasn't expecting to for awhile, I've been on a Digimon kick (Taichi!!!) Yes... well, school's back (joy.) So updates will continue to be rare, sorry guys, but until I get a compy, this is my life ^_^; Well, the new fic's called coming out, go read it! ^_^

December 3, 2001:
You know, I go to check and see if anyone's signed my guestie book, and find that I still have this little witch image up along with Happy Hallowe'en. I'm not pathetic... I swear... I'm a very bad girl who doesn't update. I find myself today, sitting in my fifth period class, writing this because I'm kinda sorta done all of my assignments (kinda sorta in the completely sense) So I'm plus a small amount of free time. ^_^ Anyway, still no updates, yeah, I lose, whatever. Until next time I deem you all worthy of my presence (I love you all, I swear...)

February 6, 2002
Done exams! Done the first semester! Yatta ze!! Well, I've never changed the format of any of my pages before, but I decided that this one needed something new, I don't know, even I must admit that black gets boring after awhile. I still haven't written anything, I know, I'm a loser... seen Harry Potter in theatres three times though ^_^ Draco and Harry are SO slashy, I love them... that is SO not the point. Anyway, I've got a compy now (as in I got one about two weeks ago, and now it mostly works) Well, I'll write when it comes to me, but nothing has as of late, and I suppose it's better I write nothing instead of giving you crap, right?

May 6, 2002
Ok, been awhile, ne? Well, I'm working on two fics currently, though when (if) either of them will get done is another story. I did finish one thing though, and it's been posted. It's a monologue from Akane's POV about how she feels for Ranma. And guess what, I've got a prereader!! ^_^ Yay!

November 27, 2002
No, I'm not dead yet, but, sadly, Heero (my aptly named computer) is. I can't get online, or even into Windows without him breaking down. So, I'm afraid that's the reason for my lack of updates, and the future lack of updates. Enjoy what's here, and I hope my computer's better soon (because people really seem to like Abandoning, and I wanna finish it for them)

January 11, 2003
Yo. Uh... I have no excuse for my TOTAL lack of writing, but then again, what can I say? It's the end of the term, as though I have free time. My computer is now better, and had bloody well better stay that way. I've fixed Decisions so that it no longer hurts me, but I still haven't written Part four. Sorry. Yeah. I'm gonna lose my job. I'm bummed. The store closes officially on the 31st. Boo hiss. Sorry, this isn't my rant page. Ja!

Last Updated: January 11, 2003

Sweet Surrender
This is kind of a sad songfic to the song Sweet Surrender about Ranma and Akane from Ranma's point of view. It's the first songfic I've ever tried to write, and I think it turned out good ^_^

Hehe. Character's acting wildly OOC (ok, not THAT kind of wildly). Boys kissing the throats of other boys. R/R. This no longer hurts me, and Ranma no longer strikes me as a sissy in this fic. I honestly like it now. ^_^ Still doesn't make much sense, but nothing does, in the long run of things. ^_^ Slight shounen ai.

Remember Me This Way
Well, this is just Minako, slashing Ranma and Ryouga again ^_^ it's not hentai, but shounen ai. It's a song fic, and it takes place before the Ranma 1/2 storyline while Ranma and Ryouga are in junior high together, and I've bent the story a bit... but that's ok, ne? ^_^

Coming Out
Ranma has something VERY important to tell Akane. This is really short, just an idea I came up with at six in the morning while in the shower ^_^ It's cute though.

Illusions Never Change
This is a fic based on a line from Torn by Natalie Imbruglia about Ukyou and Ranma (though not as a couple). It's not a songfic, I just thought of it while listening to the song. This is the first fic I wrote, so have mercy on me. ^_~

Best Friend
I decided to write a fic centered around Hiroshi and Daisuke. This is set before Ranma came to Nerima, in fact, it's set before any of them were even in high school. It was originally named "Lucky".

I Will Always Love You
A kinda sad songfic about Mousse and Shampoo. It's done to the song "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Housten.

Anyone but You
A monlogue from Akane's POV about how she feels for Ranma. Not a happy ficcie, but Akane comes to a realization about her life... it's kinda pointless (the fic, not her life)

A fic about a musicbox, literally. Oh, there's characters, and even a plot (somewhat), but it's mostly done about a music box ^_~ Actually, it's a fic about Ranma, Akane, and a music box.

Secret Admirer
Ryouga's depressed on Valentine's Day, and Ranma tries to find a way to cheer him up! It's not really a slash fic... so don't worry too much about it. It's just cute fluffy stuff I felt like writing one day, and so wrote it... ^_^

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
This is a fic about Ranma and Ryouga on there way home from China after going to get a cure. This is a short, shounen ai fic.

Abandoning One's Manhood

What would happen if Genma and Soun hadn't been friends in the past, what if it had been Genma and his friend Tanima, Tanima Hibiki in fact. This is an odd what if fic about Ranma being engaged to Ryouga instead of Akane. (Yes I'm weird, and yes I believe Ranma and Ryouga would make a good couple.) Oh, and so, this fic is mildly shounen ai... obviously...

Prologue: Lost and Found... and then Lost Again
Part 1: I Just Know It's Around Here SOMEWHERE
Part 2: Meet Ranma... or Not...
Part 3: You Want me to Marry THAT Girl!?!?
Part 4: Just Call me Queen!(Started)
Part 5: Your Wish is my Command, but do I HAVE to?(Plotted)
Epilogue: Who'd Have Thought? (Completed, but I refuse to post it until I'm done the rest)

You're fanfic reader to come to my page since I *finally* got my new counter, thanx for showin' up! ^_^

Ok, I really feel like I should respond to the people who sign my Guestbook or something, but I never get around to doing it. So, thank you so much for your comments and whatnot on my fics... I usually only continue with something after I've had the proper motivation (or when there's an idea harrassing me...) So thanks a lot!!

To all others, please, feel absolutely free to sign my Guestbook... I love to have comments and such in it!! Thanks!

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This is a page that hosts a lot of yaoi Ranma 1/2 fics, and when I say yaoi, I mean yaoi. Heed the warning on the first page, and don't go further if you're not old enough or mature enough to read on (and I know I'm only seventeen, but my mum knows what I read, and she doesn't mind. She just thinks that my "obsession with gay men is disturbing." ^_^) I decided to add this link because a lot of people seemed interested in the yaoi fics, so I figured I'd supply more (help feed the obsession?) Not all the fics on this page are lemon either, but they don't specify which are and which aren't, and there's really shibby artwork! ^_^ I'll shut up now.

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