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Kitakyushu JET Hall of Fame

Kitakyushu ALTs 2000-2001

Kitakyushu ALTs 1999-2000

Mr. Eiichi Harada:

Joined us as ALT supervisor (in addition to Kitakyushu's senior teaching consultant) for a brief stint in the spring of 2001, then left when he realised we were a lost cause.

Mr. Masaharu Tokuhisa:

Finally left us in the spring of 2001, after a valiant 6 year stint as ALT supervisor. Is now hoping to regrow his hair in the marginally less stressful job of vice principal at Kotoku JHS.

Ms. Nakayama:

Enjoying retirement, apparently engrossed in her poetry and writing.

Adam Stott:

Following early retirement, he's now teaching International Relations at Kitakyushu University.
Last known e-mail contact: dastott1@excite.com.

Amanda Blitz:

I'm currently in sunny Melbourne, Australia on an ex-change finishing my second last semester of law school. Yippee! Was contemplating staying the year, but have surprisingly decided to go home. Don't remember a word of Japanese, but do remember how much I loved my time there. Happy to hear you are happy. Can't believe everyone is growing up while I am still playing in 'never-never land'. Love, Amanda!
Last known e-mail contact: arblitz@hotmail.com.

Angela Leabourn:

Due to marry in December 2002 in New Zealand, and then start up in Nagasaki.
Last known e-mail contact: leabourna@hotmail.com.

Becky Benedict:

Popped over to visit us in the winter of 2000, to catch up on her all-night 'sessions' at Royal Host.
Last known e-mail contact: becki_8@hotmail.com.

Bob Laurin:

Went back to Ottowa Canada to become a POOR English teacher.
Last known e-mail contact: bobukun33@yahoo.ca.

Cathering Crawley-Boevey:

Possibly in reaction to the dossy life of a JET, I've been sucked into the City and am working as an investment banker in a French bank (so that Japanese was useful then!). It's very much 'work hard, play hard', but life in London is good, although I could do with a bit of yakiniku every now and again!
Last known e-mail contact: catherinec_b@hotmail.com.

Chad Ericson:

Married Mrs. Fiancee Ericson (what do you call her now - 'wife' doesn't have the same ring to it?) in the summer of 2000. About time too.
Last known e-mail contact: cdericson@hotmail.com.

Charlotte Poskitt:

i have landed my perrrfick job - international marketing for Reuters (the interenational journalism /info company) so am very very busy, but loving it!
Last known e-mail contact: c_poskitt@yahoo.com.

Chris O'Sullivan:

Still loving it in Nippon, and travelling around a fair bit.
Last known e-mail contact: sullyshinko@yahoo.com.

Chris Pelyk:

Claims that to be honest I miss it a little but not that much. Anyway not much is new over here [Toronto] just working and trying to enjoy life!
Website: http://www.j-talk.com/chrismarkcanada/
Last known e-mail contact: cpelyk@hotmail.com.

Clare Timmins:

[HELP! We don't know! What'cha up to?]
Last known e-mail contact: clare_timmins3@hotmail.com.

Dan Murphy:

Currently working in Web/IT for EF Educational Tours (www.eftours.com) back in Boston. Never lost travel bug...still traveling a ton, snapping pictures as often as possible! Mostly India these for for work though. Miss Japan every single day. Wish you all well.
Last known e-mail contact: hiphopcrunch@hotmail.com.

David Goodwin:

I am in Toronto, working as a Manager at a large finanical company, and planning post gradutate studies. I am spending lots of time at the cottage on the French River. I certainly miss those I worked with. Where else can you go to bars on your bike and then get ramon at 3am on the streets. I wish I could go to Koichi's for yakatori with Nicki, Maria and the gang. By the way, what the hell is Jeff doing in Iraq?

Last known e-mail contact: davidgoodwin@hotmail.com.

David Millward:

Finally built our own house in Moji-ku, and celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with Yukiko Matsuo this year, formerly my JTE, (in August 2002). Our little boy is 2 and a half now, named Euan (born Jan 2005 - see photo right). Working hard (sometimes) at my very own web/graphic/interior design business: A Touch of Tensai.
Last known e-mail contact: .

Elizabeth Moersch:

Went home eventually, bringing that smile to new millions.
Last known e-mail contact: moeres@hotmail.com.

Ellen Rees:

Going to Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Last known e-mail contact: ellenellenwatermelon@yahoo.com.

Emily Gleason:

Still pumpin' iron wherever she goes, no doubt.
Last known e-mail contact: emilygleason@hotmail.com.

Emily Guttridge:

Sarasota, FL soon to be in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
I've been working as a Sales Executive for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. On a recent vacation to Mexico my beau and I fell in love with the town of Puerto Aventuras and bought a home on the Carribbean. Will be moving Dec. 2005! Plan to open an art gallery and pursue real estate. Would love to hear from any of you! Miss KitaQ dearly!

Last known e-mail contact: huluu@hotmail.com

Emma Paling:

Living the high life as a media exec at GMTV studios in the UK.
Last known e-mail contact: emmapaling@yahoo.com.

Evan Murray:

Staying in Japan (Kitakyushu) to fight the good fight for internationalisation ad nauseum ad infinitum.
Last known e-mail contact: evanmurray@gmx.net.

Fiona Carroll:

Damn! Was that apartment scrubbed to within an inch of its life before she left!
Last known e-mail contact: fionacarroll@yahoo.com.

Francois Mes:

[HELP! We don't know! What'cha up to?]
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Hattie Baker:

Further magazine modelling in the pipeline, perhaps?
Last known e-mail contact: catchme40@yahoo.com.

Heather Burt:

Oh-2, dear, oh-2!
Last known e-mail contact: heatherwburt@hotmail.com.

Heidi Schroeder:

Finally married in February of 2001, then moved to Los Angeles to get into media. Must've been a busy week!
Last known e-mail contact: ssheidi1@yahoo.com.

James P. Wong:

Returned to Southern California, where I am an Associate Producer for a video game publishing company.
Last known e-mail contact: wongJP@hotmail.com.

Jason Wagers:

Currently trying to move back to Japan this coming Fall [2001]. I will more than likely turn up in Tokyo, because that is where all the Computer related jobs are. I am working for a company in San Diego, California. We do audio/video streaming - www.akamai.com.
Last known e-mail contact: wagersjl@yahoo.com.

Jeff Hiatt:

Hey gang,
In order to pay off my grad school tuition I have had to serve my country's military!!! Currently in Iraq and it is intense, food sucks but the chicks are hot.
Take care,

Last known e-mail contact: jhiatt1@san.rr.com.

Jesse Rude:

Here are parts deemed fit for public knowledge:
* Living in San Francisco
* Pursuing a PhD in sociology at the University of California, Davis
* Been seeing an Australian named Michael since Sept. of 2000
* Would love to hear from you -- jdrude@ucdavis.edu
Last known e-mail contact: jdrude@ucdavis.edu.

Jim McNaughton:

[HELP! We don't know! What'cha up to?]
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Josh Haglund:

Joshua left this world May 17th, 2004 at the hands of an attacker in Armenia. After leaving Japan in 1999, Josh returned home to Minnesota and received his Master's degree in ESL from Toronto University. Upon completion, he embarked on an exchange teaching program that brought him to Armenia. Josh is most remembered for the way he lived: He was an activist for peace, civil rights, the environment, and non-violence. He lived gracefully and honestly; he was a lover of languages, cultures, cooking, education, the great outdoors, and he traveled extensively throughout the world in the 33 years he was here; He lived life to its fullest and made friends and touched lives everywhere he went. He will be greatly missed by many.

Judy Defrieze:

Last known e-mail contact: maru@shinra.org.

Julie Cotoulias:

So funny! Bored at work thought I'd put my name in google search see what comes up and find my way to this site... Am currently having severe flashbacks!!!! All is good, living in Greece working in shit jobs would love to come back to Japan. Someone have a drink for me in Fuji's please......
Last known e-mail contact: juliecotoulias@hotmail.com.

Kelly Giesbrecht:

Possibly still off teaching in Resolute, Nunavit Territory. Enjoy those beaches.
Last known e-mail contact: kellygiesbrecht@hotmail.com.

Korbett Matthews:

I am working as an assistant director for an international documentary production company in Canada... that is why I was back in K-town and Fukuoka-ken in spring of 2002. I am also pursuing a postgraduate degree in my field and I just finished my Cambodian genocide documentary and will sending it off to festivals worldwide... an accompanying website will be up soon. I am also preparing my next film project which will be shot in and around Timbuktu, Mali. If anyone is ever in Montreal or Ottawa five me a holler and we'll hook up for a few pints. If it's Evan then a few dozen!
Last known e-mail contact: kobefilm@hotmail.com.

Kris Blahnik:

traveling, finding my way, learning, enjoying life.
Last known e-mail contact: mail at krisblahnik dot com.

Lina Jeffries:

Married to my Latin Lover, living in San Francisco with my mexican yapper dog Zorro, working as a trial attorney for Department of Homeland Security!
Last known e-mail contact: krikkit78@hotmail.com.

Maria Algee:

I am teaching history at a high school and moving to Hawaii next year!! [i.e. 2005]
Last known e-mail contact: mariaromeo@hotmail.com.

Mark Paisano:

Working as internet/systems engineer at NTT in Tokyo. Traveling often to SE Asia and studying Thai too.
Last known e-mail contact: mpaisano@yahoo.com

Melissa Berwald:

I am currently working at the University of Regina, SK (Canada for those who don't know) as an International Student Program Coordinator. Love the job, just wish that I knew Chinese instead of Japanese since about 98% of my students are from China.
Last known e-mail contact: Melissa.Berwald@uregina.ca.

Michael Wright:

Off to law school in September [2001] at Chester. Then going to Australia for 6-12 months, before I start a "proper job" (boy, am i not looking forward to that!) when I start training as a lawyer, working in clinical law.
Last known e-mail contact: mg-wright@hotmail.com.

Michael Nees:

Vague drunken memory of him being married. Or not. Er. Maybe?
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Mike Rohner:

I'll be in Japan for a few months at least, starting Sept. 16. Home number in States: (408) 729-7770. "Crank call my Mom & I'll kill you."
Last known e-mail contact: kswiss@peace.email.ne.jp.

Nikki Gilbert:

I left Kitakyushu ('95-'98) and moved back to my hometown of Venice, California. I still love KK and miss my beloved apartment (aka "The Cave") on the fourth floor of Maeda-kodan. Now I run my own Japanese catering/culinary education business called Sushi Girl. I am writing a cookbook and plan to be back in Japan in October of 2004 to do some research. Hey Dave Goodwin, you spelled my name wrong!
Last known e-mail contact: info@thesushigirl.com.

Paul & Kim Sevigny:

Kim and I were ALTs in Kokura-minami from '89 - '91. Since then we spent three years at the University of HI, three years at Niigata University, and six years at Trinity Lutheran College here in Issaquah, WA.
Last known e-mail contact: sevigny@foxinternet.net.

Rhianon Berry:

Been living in New Zealand now for a few years. Am working for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise helping NZ exporters. If any of you are coming to NZ drop me a line!
Last known e-mail contact: rhianonb@yahoo.com.

Richard Hodson:

Finally moved into his dream home.... Kanada Kodan. What a palace!! Just goes to show what perks you get when you work for a private high school.
Last known e-mail contact: hodson_richard@yahoo.co.uk.

Rob Turner:

Once again being the pasty, long-haired hippy he is, this time teaching English in Ethiopia.
Last known e-mail contact: akaisan@hotmail.com.

Sandra Kerr:

Last known e-mail contact: skerr1999@hotmail.com.

Sara Leeder:

I am well and send hello to everyone out there. I've been living in NYC for the last year and a half... got my master's in journalism and have been working at CNN since Oct. Needless to say, it's a crazy time to be here, but I'm learning a lot and keeping busy...
Last known e-mail contact: SLL9@aol.com.

Sara Young:

Soon settles happily as a bar singer in Oz, returning periodically to Japan to scare small children.
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Simon Weaver:

[HELP! We don't know! What'cha up to?]
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Stacey Lingman:

Back in New Zealand now. Studying towards a Health Science degree. Hoping to travel soon, cos its so quiet here!
Last known e-mail contact: spacewhirl@hotmail.com.

Stephanie Sirois:

Moved to Vancouver in September [2004] where I'm enjoying the mountains and ocean (reminds me of KitaQ) and hunting for a new job.
Last known e-mail contact: genkime@fastmail.fm.

Suma Kinhal:

[HELP! We don't know! What'cha up to?]
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Sunita Mathur:

Back in Vancouver, Canada, and lovin it! I'm teaching a group of 'kawaii' grade 4's and catching vacations wherever I can. Always thinking of KitaQ though!
Last known e-mail contact: sunita@canada.com.

Yoko Kido:

Getting in some well-deserved R&R. Let us know what you're up these days, won't you?
Last known e-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

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