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Local interest sites:
Kitakyushu City homepage - the official one, with loads of links for you to follow.
International Village Center - Kitakyushu's International Association; news and information.
Fukuoka Now - an internet magazine to what's new in the Fukuoka area. Popular classifieds section.
Kita-Q Nights - bar, restaurant and club guide for our beloved city! [archive version]
Kitakyushu Bridges - biannual magazine to events in Kitakyushu, from City Hall.
Best Pics of Fukuoka - photo tour of major sights in Fukuoka.
Schauwecker's Guide to Japan - a very comprehensive guide to Japan and its culture.
The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go - plenty of information for anyone visiting or relocating to Japan.
Lonely Planet homepage - apart from the review of Kitakyushu (of course), it's pretty handy.
Kyushu Connection - online chat and networking site for the Kyushu region (based in Fukuoka).

Jet Programme sites:
JET Programme Official Webpage - do we need to explain?
CLAIR - Council of Local Authorities for International Relations.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan - for that light bedtime reading.
JETAA - JET Alumni Association for past, present and future participants.
JETring - numerous links to JET related websites.

Jet Programme prefectural sites:
Aichi - Prefectural AJET site.
Ehime - Prefectural AJET site.
Fukui - Prefectural AJET site.
Hokkaido - Prefectural JET site.
Hyogo - Prefectural AJET site.
Ibaraki - Prefectural JET site.
Miyagi - Prefectural AJET site.
Miyazaki - Prefectural AJET site.
Nara - Prefectural AJET site.
Niigata - Prefectural JET site.
Oita - Prefectural AJET site.
Oita JETs - Excellent new JET site.
Tochigi - teaching materials site.
Yamanashi - Prefectural AJET site.

Teaching resources:
Genki English - loads of ideas for teaching mainly elementary school level, but applicable to all levels.
Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe - a good place to start, with an excellent message forum for swapping ideas.
ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook - lesson plans and activity ideas.
Children's Game Center - dozens of simple games for elementary and kindergarten students.
National Geographic - pictures of everything under the sun.
Clipart Universe - handy store of images, and a couple of the fancy animated images on this site.
Exchange Rates - international currency exchange rates.

Japanese study resources:
Hiragana Expressway (this site) - how to learn an entire alphabet in about 3 hours.
Kanji Gold - free downloadable software for learning Japanese kanji, from beginner level to native.
White Rabbit Press - maker of kanji-study cards, ideal for the Japanese proficiency test.
Samurai Translators - competent translation/interpreting company, based in Fukuoka.

International organization resources:
Kitakyushu International Convention Center - conference facilities right here in Kokura.
Kitakyushu Toastmasters - english language speech and discussion group.
Fukuoka International Business Exchange - group specializing in business english discussion.
Wargames Japan - hobby database of shops and clubs throughout Japan.

Junior High School Homepages:
Himawari Net - the Education Center's homepage, with lists of all the schools in Kitakyushu.
Kokura JHS - japanese homepage for this Kokura private school.
Ogura-Nisshinkan JHS - japanese homepage for this Kokura private school.

English Language Schools/Companies:
Arista English School - local school catering to kids-adults (Moritsune/Tobata).
Global Reach English School - local school catering to kids-adults (Orio/Asakawa).
OWLS - main employer of elementary school ALTs in Kitakyushu.
KBS Group - employer of elementary and junior high school ALTs (and hostess rental!!).

A collection of teaching plans and activities

Compilation of teaching Plans:
Ideas are always welcomed for inclusion in our best teaching plans and games, stolen from previous Kitakyushu City JETs (including self-introduction materials, and activities for all Junior High School grades).

Welcome to David's World

Welcome to David's World:
If you've ever wondered who writes all this rubbish, then take a peek at this page of insane ramblings and hugely vain pictures, plus a few choice titbits about my life and where this website is going (?).

Dan's Kitakyushu Nightlife Guide

Dan's Kitakyushu Nightlife Guide:
The homepage designed to aid Kitakyushu newcomers and veterans alike, written for gaijin, by a gaijin, describing and comparing the key local spots for drinking, dancing, and eating and how to find them. [archive version]

A Touch of Tensai

A Touch of Tensai:
If you like the look of the Kitakyushu JET Homepage, then why not commission a fully-themed website from A Touch of Tensai? Browse a portfolio collection of other internet, graphic and interior design projects, or contact David, the guy responsible.