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Who are we?

Kitakyushu ALTs 2003-2004 (at play!!)

Kitakyushu City ALTs and CIRs, 2003-2004:

[the profiles below were written anonymously, after being
drawn randomly from a hat. Rather evil, aren't we?]

Mr. Kimura:

This former JTE (most recently from Shie JHS) joined us as ALT supervisor (in addition to Kitakyushu's senior teaching consultant) in the spring of 2002. Office telephone number: 093 582 2367. Office fax number: 093 581 5873.

Ms. Akiko Sakamoto:

ALT Supervisor, and also one of our Prefectural Advisors. Like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going (despite having to clean up the messes left behind by the rest of us incompetents)! Work contact: as above.

Alex Perkins:

2nd year ALT. Happy guy who has a weakness for Japanese women. Just flash that million dollar smile and they come [keep?] running!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Amanda Block:

1st year ALT. This former French teacher (also a devoted wife and mother) hails from Canada by way of England.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Amber Ouye-Cavala:

2nd year ALT. "Hella" chick from San Fran who knows how to party! Can snatch an "Evans" in less than 3 weeks! Always has an infectious smile and strangely likes to pretend she's Canadian.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Amie Pritchard:

2nd year ALT. Ozzie outback girl currently the "enkai queen" due to the alcoholic nature of her school. Has impressed the world with her ability to keep up with Japanese subtitles, thus providing roaring renditions of various j-pop songs.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Anitha Henderson:

1st year CIR. Stationed at the always resourceful KIA, this American by way of Florida is having a ball this 2nd time around in Japan! She's also studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Brian Scotti:

2nd year ALT. He's come a long way from Hollywood, but recognizable in his trademark cap, he has taken the high school by storm, and has plans for language lab domination - watch out kids!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Cary (a.k.a. Caroline) Torres:

2nd year ALT. Another quiet American (although this could be due to home location!), who manages to juggle a family as well as a school. Good skills woman!!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Catherine McCulloch:

2nd year ALT. Straight up and to the point chick from "Seedney"! Aspirations to open a shop that makes "decent bloody coffee". Is a karate force to be reckoned with but still having trouble kicking that 3 year old's butt!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Chris Johnson:

3rd year ALT. As the saying goes "it's always the quiet ones"! Need I say more?!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Christopher Taylor:

1st year ALT. This native of Regina, Sakatchewan, Canada, has been able to keep all of his experiences in Japan on the light side... so far. Infectious with humor and wit, he'll be quite a show for his students.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Craig Colbeck:

2nd year City Hall CIR. Was once a member of the boy band "Hanson". Mmm bop!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Dion (a.k.a. Tommy) Burns:

2nd year ALT. Proudly armed with the "How to make out in Japanese" phrasebook, this guy makes friends everywhere. Also known for his disciplined habits!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Jana Jensen:

1st year ALT. From the classrooms of Canada to England and now Japan, this former teacher, part-time figure skater and outdoors enthusiast brings a warm smile wherever she goes. This will no doubt come in handy for cold Kitakyushu winters.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Joel Baltgalvis:

3rd year ALT. Kitakyushu's answer to the easy rider. Newly crowned 2003-2004 P.A. (though he's still not at the top of the list).
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Jon Mattson:

2nd year ALT. Living on the edge, this crazy guy has no qualms about jumping ship for the unknown! A hip-hop fantasy, he tempted fate, and went up to the moon and that was great.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Julia Arbuckle:

2nd year ALT. She'll bend your bones and pardon your francais, with eyes so bright they could guide Santa's sleigh!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Ken Wanjohi:

1st year ALT. So what did this married (sorry ladies!) native of London do before he became stationed at the city's only high school? In his own words, "I used to work with the London Police." That'll surely come in handy at school won't it?
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Kevin Benjamin:

1st year ALT. This native of Vancouver, BC, Canada is the most recent addition to the Kitakyushu ALT team. Armed with his previous study of Japanese he is ready to jump into the classroom and "Haro!" the crap out of Junior High school Japan.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Livia Szoke:

2nd year ALT.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Peter Ho:

1st year ALT. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Peter has an eagerness and excitement to jump in the classroom that shows on his face. Despite "complications" with moving in, the always ready with a smile positive thinker is paving his way.
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Sean Cassin:

1st year ALT. This former teacher who has also had teaching experience in England has landed in Kitakyushu with a mission: to empower the youth of Japan. Inspired, enthused and amazed by his first few encounters with Japan, his students will no doubt feel inspired, enthused and amazed from their first encounters with him. (Especially if he keeps giving them free Fantas!)
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Tim Butterfield:

2nd year ALT. Sweet, laid-back lad from Toronto who wants to grow an afro! Has taken to the KitaQ night scene with extreme enthusiasm. Full of surprising stories and sordid tales e.g. Random True Fact #101 - "Will do anything for money......"
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

Viva Yang:

2nd year ALT. What is there that he cannot or will not do? Decode the train system, cook for an army, break the World Record for "most karaoke performances in a night" and run naked through the school grounds! Currently working on 10 projects at once, all of which are Top Secret!
E-mail contact: UNKNOWN.

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