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Hi, I'm truly sorry.. no more MP3.. it only worked for a few days/weeks as far as i remembered.. coz my computer got formated and im too lazy to put it back up.. so anyway contact me on ICQ(20129045) or on my msn messenger, then i'll definately send it to you. I've got an ADSL connection, with unlimited uploads, so ask away ^^



Pink Spider by Hide (with Spread Beaver) is indeed a marvelous song, it's one of my favorite Japanese song. Hide is a controversial group if I'm not mistaken, well I heard this of my friend, and he also told me that the lead singer killed himself. And this song was I think the last song he sang before the suicide.

Moment from the romantic comedy anime Marmalade Boy has a very catchy tune, I really like this song, especially it goes with the marvelous anime.

I Yah! by H.O.T. one hell of a song I'd say. The first Korean song I heard, my friend send the Mp3 through ICQ then I had a listen to it, first time ... it was okay, but then I had a listen again and again, then I realized how good the song was. After that I went on downloading more Korean songs and ended up having 80+ Korean songs in my computer.