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Bonsai Clubs

Cool Internet Bonsai Club {The Place to Start !}
Cool Internet Bonsai Club {Archives of the mail list, back to August '92}
New Internet Bonsai Club Sweden Sweden {in Swedish}
Bonsai Society of Calgary{Calgary, Alberta} Canada
Vancouver Island Bonsai Club {Victoria, British Columbia} Canada
North Bay Bonsai Society {North Bay, Ontario} Canada
Thumbs UpToronto Bonsai Society{Toronto, Ontario} Canada
New Société de Bonsaï et de Penjing de Montréal {Montréal, Quebec} Canada {in French}
Société de Bonsai et de Penjing de Lanaudière {Lanaudière, Québec} Canada {in French}
Living Art Bonsai Society{Huntsville, Alabama} U.S.A.
Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai {Gardena, California) U.S.A.
Diablo Bonsai Club {Walnut Creek, California) U.S.A.
Monterey Bonsai Club {Monterey, California} U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of San Francisco {San Francisco, California} U.S.A.
Midori Bonsai Club {San Jose, California} U.S.A.
Yamato Bonsai Club {San Lorenzo, California} U.S.A.
Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai{Santa Cruz, California) U.S.A.
Watsonville Bonsai Club {Watsonville, California} U.S.A.
Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society {Denver, Colorado} U.S.A.
Thumbs UpGainesville Bonsai Society{Gainesville, Florida} U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of the Palm Beaches {Palm Beaches, Florida} U.S.A.
Atlanta Bonsai Society{Atlanta, Georgia} U.S.A.
Midwest Bonsai Society{Chicago, Illinois} U.S.A.
Warsaw Bonsai Club {Warsaw, Indiana} U.S.A.
Iowa Bonsai Association {Des Moines, Iowa} U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of Acadiana {Lafayette, Louisiana} U.S.A.
New Ann Arbor Bonsai Society {Ann Arbor, Michigan} U.S.A.
Four Seasons Bonsai Club {Royal Oak, Michigan} U.S.A.
San Toshi Bonsai Society {Michigan} U.S.A.
Minnesota Bonsai Society{Minnesota} U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of Greater New York{New York, New York} U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of Upstate New York{Rochester, New York} U.S.A.
New Arkron Canton Bonsai Society {Arkron, Ohio}U.S.A.
Wagner, Rick U.S.A.
Bonsai Society of Portland{Portland, Oregon} U.S.A.
Pittsburgh Bonsai Society{Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania} U.S.A.
Pennsylvania Bonsai Societ {Ambler, Pennsylvania} U.S.A.
Bonsai Club of South Carolina {Cola, South Carolina} U.S.A.
New Memphis Bonsai Society {Memphis, Tennessee} U.S.A.
New Fort Worth Bonsai Society {Fort Worth, Texas} U.S.A.
Houston Bonsai Society {Houston, Texas} U.S.A.
Northern Virginia Bonsai Society{Virginia} U.S.A.
Richmond Bonsai Society {Virginia} U.S.A.
Virginia Bonsai Clubs {Virginia} U.S.A.
Sunshine Bonsai Group Inc. Yarraville, Victoria Australia
Nepean Bonsai Society Page 1 {Penrith, NSW} Australia
Nepean Bonsai Society Page 2 {Penrith, NSW} Australia
Brussels Bonsaï Club Brussels Belgium
Thumbs UpBonsai Club Montpellier France {in French}
The Bonsai Group{Capel Manor, Enfield} Great Britain
Surrey Heath Bonsai Society{Lightwater, Surrey} Great Britain
New Cotswold Bonsai Society {Churchdown, near Gloucester} Great Britain
New Vale Of Clwyd Bonsai Society {Denbighshire, North Wales} Great Britain
Northern Ireland Bonsai Society Great Britain
Thumbs UpIsraeli Bonsai Society {in English}
Bonsai Club Torino{Torino} Italy {in Italian}
New Amatori Bonsai Trieste{Trieste} Italy {in Italian}
New Napoli Bonsai Club{Napoli} Italy {in Italian}
Amigos Del Bonsai De Coslada {Coslada} Madrid {in Spanish}
Netherlands Bonsai Association Netherlands {in Dutch}
Klerksdorp Bonsai Kai South Africa {in English}
Swedish Bonsai Society Sweden {in English}
New Bonsai Club de Suisse Romande Switzerland
Bonsai Clubs International Club Directory
British Columbia, Canada Bonsai Clubs Canada
Quebec, Canada Bonsai Clubs Canada
American Bonsai Society Club Directory U.S.A. Canada
Mid Atlantic, U.S.A. Bonsai Clubs U.S.A.
Florida Bonsai Clubs U.S.A.
Mid-America Bonsai Alliance Clubs and Societies U.S.A.
Australia Bonsai Clubs Directory Australia
Australia Bonsai Clubs Directory {Still Current?} Australia
Australia (Western) Bonsai Clubs Directory Australia
Belgium Bonsai Clubs Directory Belgium
New Zealand Bonsai Clubs Directory New Zealand
United Kingdom Bonsai Clubs Directory {1} Great Britain
United Kingdom Bonsai Clubs Directory {2} Great Britain
Italian Bonsai Clubs Italy {in Italian}

Bonsai Organizations

Bonsai Clubs International
American Bonsai Society U.S.A. Canada
New National Bonsai Foundation U.S.A.
Golden State Bonsai Federation {California) U.S.A.
Bonsai Societies of Florida (Florida) U.S.A.
Mid-America Bonsai Alliance U.S.A.
Southeastern Bonsai Federation U.S.A.
Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs Australia
German Bonsai Association Germany {in German}
Unione Bonsaisti Italiani Italy {in Italian}
Netherlands Bonsai Association Netherlands {in Dutch}

Bonsai & Penjing Collections (Public)

British Columbia, Canada Bonsai Collections Canada
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Vancouver, British Columbia Canada (No pictures, yet)(Penijng on display, summer months)
Les Bonsai Enr St-Joachim de Shefford, Québec Canada {in English & French} (No pictures, yet)
Montreal Botanical Garden Montréal, Québec Canada {in English & French} (No pictures, yet)
New Montreal Botanical Garden Montréal, Québec Canada {in French} (Pictures)
Thumbs Up New The National Arboretum, National Bonsai and Penjing Museum Washington, D.C. U.S.A.
New Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection Federal Way, Washington U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection Federal Way, Washington U.S.A. (pictures)
Thumbs Up New Elandan Garden Gorst, Washington U.S.A. (address and other details)
The Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection of the Arnold Arboretum Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A. (pictures)
The International Bonsai Arboretum Rochester, New York U.S.A. (pictures)
Phipps Conservatory Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (picture)
Chicago Botanic Garden Glencoe, Illinois U.S.A. (pictures)
Shanghai Botanic Garden Shanghai, China (in English}
The National Bonsai Collection Birmingham Great Britain (pictures)
Thumbs UpBonsai Centrum and Museum of Paul Lesniewicz Heidelberg Germany {in German}
Thumbs UpBonsai Centrum and Museum of Paul Lesniewicz Heidelberg Germany (pictures)
Permanent Bonsai Exhibits and Collections List

Bonsai Nurseries & Supplies

British Columbia, Canada Bonsai Nurseries & Suppliers Canada
Les Bonsai Enr St-Joachim de Shefford, Québec Canada {in English & French}
La Pépinière du Gros-Bec Errant Lanaudière, Québec Canada {in French}
Crataegus Containers, By Michael Hagedorn Oracle, Arizona U.S.A.
New American Bonsai Nursery Van Buren, Arkansas U.S.A.
Cool Evergreen Gardenworks California U.S.A.
Kimura Bonsai and Landscape Nursery California U.S.A.
List of San Francisco Bay Area Bonsai Suppliers California U.S.A.
Bonsai by Tiny Trees of Colorado Colorado U.S.A.
Shanti Bithi Bonsai Connecticut U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Bonsai JVL Florida U.S.A.
New Bonsai by Patty Florida U.S.A.
Bonsai By The Monastery Georgia U.S.A.
New Thumbs Up Yasukunai Bonsai Garden Morton Grove, Illinois U.S.A.
DaSu Studios Iowa U.S.A.
Bonsai Boy of New York New York State U.S.A.
Northland Gardens Queensbury, New York U.S.A.
Hunt's Nursery and Bonsai Studio Hildebran, North Carolina U.S.A.
Wee Tree Farm Corvallis, Oregon U.S.A.
New Bonsai Glen Central Point, Oregon U.S.A.
MicroFolia Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Rosade Bonsai Studio Pennsylvania U.S.A.
List of Pittsburgh Area Bonsai Suppliers Pennsylvania U.S.A.
List of Pennsylvania Area Bonsai Suppliers Pennsylvania U.S.A.
New Pics Thumbs Up Brussel's Bonsai Nursery Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.
Dallas Bonsai Garden Dallas, Texas U.S.A.
New Sunshine Miniature Trees Dallas, Texas U.S.A.
Deadwood Pottery Virginia U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Cool New Bunabayashi Bonsai Fairfax, Virginia U.S.A.
New Little Trees Bonsai Nursery Dumfries, Virginia U.S.A.
Marrs Tree Farm Washington State U.S.A.
New Matsu Momiji Nursery Hurricane, West Virginia U.S.A.
Mid Atlantic Bonsai Nurseries U.S.A.
List of Australian Bonsai Suppliers Page 1 Australia
List of Australian Bonsai Suppliers Page 2 Australia
List of Australian (Western) Bonsai Suppliers Australia
Babylone Bonsai Belgium {in French}
Bonsai Barber France {in French & English}
Thumbs Up Bonsai Centrum and Museum of Paul Lesniewicz Heidelberg Germany {in German}
List of German Bonsai Suppliers Germany {in English & German}
Greenwood Bonsai Studio Great Britain
New Thumbs Up Cool Colin Lewis Bonsai ServicesGreat Britain
List of United Kingdom Bonsai Suppliers Great Britain
Thumbs UpCentro Bonsai Iodicel Napoli Italy
Thumbs Up Horyokkuen's Bonsai Nursery Japan
Thumbs Up Kurihara Bonsai Gallery Gunma Japan {in Japanese}
Thumbs Up Tokyo Bonsai Tokyo Japan {in Japanese & English}
SENOH Co.,Inc. Japan
Thumbs Up Bonsai of Kokubunji Kokubunji, Kagawa-Prf, Japan {in English}
Omiya Bonsai Studio Alkmaar Netherlands {in Dutch}
Kôyasan Bonsai Netherlands {in Dutch}
List of Netherlands Bonsai Suppliers Netherlands {in Dutch & English}
Bonsai Centre Barcelona Spain

Stolen Bonsai Descriptions & Pictures, Please Help Find Them!

Brian Inglis, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia June 6 1997 Australia
Chase Rosade, Philadelphia Flower Show 1997 U.S.A.
Brussel's Nursery, Memphis, Tennessee 1996 U.S.A.
John R. Powers, Massachusetts 1996 U.S.A.
Magnus Persson, Sweden 1996 Sweden
Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York 1995 U.S.A.
Minnesota Bonsai Society Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1995 U.S.A.
James A. Forcier, San Diego, California 1995 U.S.A.
Ivan Watters, Chicago, Illinois 1995 U.S.A.
Brian Sanchez 1995 U.S.A.
Jeff Stevens, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1995 U.S.A.
Iris Cohen 1995 U.S.A.
Ernie Kuo, California 1989 U.S.A.
Arnold Arboretum, Massachusetts 1986 U.S.A.
Cool Bonsai Security Information Worth Reading

Bonsai Enthusiasts With Pictures of Their Bonsai

Thumbs Up Busch-Hoffmann, Gerda Germany {in English & German}
Caldwell, Michael Great Britain
Cohen, Tali Isreal
Thumbs Up Coussins, Craig Scotland
Cwiertniewicz, Dan U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Davies, Joe England
Demarteau, Alain Belgium {in French}
Doucet, Dominique Canada {in French}
New Douglas, Deron Canada
Fowkes, Andy & Bill U.S.A.
Geanangel, John
Gittos, Jeff Australia
Häkli, Janne Finland {in Finish & English}
Thumbs UpHanna, Vance U.S.A.
Thumbs UpHara, Motonobu Japan {in Japanese & English}
Havener, Ernie U.S.A.
Havener, Geoline U.S.A.
Cool Hubik, Daniel Australia
Imazumi, Mas U.S.A.
Inglis, Brian Australia
Johnson, Michael U.S.A.
Johnston, Bob U.S.A.
Johnston, Judy U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Kifni, Denny Alex Indonesia
Thumbs Up Kimura, Masahiko Japan
Ketts, Jeff U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Kuo, Ernie U.S.A.
New Larsson, Tord Sweden {in Swedish}
New Thumbs Up Cool Lewis, Colin Great Britain
Thumbs Up Marchal, Gary U.S.A.
Morin, Michele France {in English}
Morrison, Benjamin U.S.A.
Neale, Chris U.S.A.
Nolan, Denny U.S.A.
Nordin, Hud U.S.A.
Oldland, John Australia
Omnès, Françoise France {in English}
New Parent, Luc Canada
Thumbs UpPersiano, Michael U.S.A.
Petit, Raymond U.S.A.
Pietilä, J. Finland {in Finish & English}
Poikonen, Sami Finland {in Finish & English}
Raygor, Rick U.S.A.
Rhen, Kris U.S.A.
Ryan, Tim U.S.A.
Sandström, Stefan Sweden {in Finish & English}
Schenck, William U.S.A.
Schladenhaufen, Claudine France {in French & English}
Sedgewick, Keith U.S.A.
Session, Freida U.S.A.
Simmons, Tom U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Cool Smith, Brian Netherlands {in English}
Thumbs Up Smith, Jim U.S.A.
Stewart, Regi U.S.A.
New Strand, Stefan Sweden {in English}
Strauss, Roy U.S.A.
Terry, David Australia
Thumbs Up Tomlinson, Harry England
Thaxton, Barry U.S.A.
Tucakovic, Kristinka Yugoslavia
New Tuor, Alain Switzerland
Thumbs Up Valavanis, William N.U.S.A.
Vallas, Horace U.S.A.
New Vollmer, Andy U.S.A.
Wagner, Rick U.S.A.
Waldo, David U.S.A.
Walston, Brent U.S.A.
Waters, Vince Australia
Wells, Fred U.S.A.
Whyte, Chris U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Wilson, Kevin Great Britain
Winterer, Adolf Germany {in German}
Wong, Gary U.S.A.
Woodward, Jason U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Zhao, Qingquan Zhao China

Bonsai Enthusiasts Without Pictures of Their Bonsai

Aukes, Michel Netherlands {in Dutch}
Capachi, Jay U.S.A.
Childers, John U.S.A.
Favero, Marco Italy {in English}
New Favero, Marco Italy {in English}
Fredriksson, Urban Sweden {in English}
Gassaway, Bob U.S.A.
Hannus, Matti Finland {in English}
Lemon, David Great Britain
Nolan, Denny U.S.A.
Novo, John U.S.A.
Roffey, Allen C. Great Britain
Thumbs UpSaraiva, Marli C. Brazil {in Portuguese}
Shannon, Mark U.S.A.
Tregear, Scott Canada
Vokaer, Ingrid France {in French}
Westera, John Netherlands
Zane, Tom U.S.A.

Bonsai Information

Cool Bonsai FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
World Bonsai Guide, Asia {in English}
World Bonsai Guide, Australasia {in English}
World Bonsai Guide, Europe {in English}
Cool Bonsai Pot Features & Aesthetics Crataegus Containers U.S.A.
Bob's Bonsai FAQ
Cool Bonsai & Suiseki by Joe Davies
New Cool Bonsai & Suiseki Articles by Kevin Bailey
Cool Bonsai Species Care Guidelines
Cool Tree Care FAQ Sabrina Caine's Tree of the Week
Dan Barton's Bonsai Calender
Bonsai Tips
Cool Bonsai Web
Thumbs Up Chinese Bonsai (Penjing) U.S.A.
Field Growing Trees for Bonsai
Growing Bonsai Pamphlet produced by the United States Department of Agriculture
Bonsai Dictionary Japanese words used in Bonsai, with English definitions
Golden State Bonsai Federation Bonsai Basics Teacher's Guide U.S.A.
Common and Botanical Plant Names used in Bonsai
Golden Statements Magazine Articles Seasonal Suggestions & Tool Care U.S.A.
Thumbs Up Bonsai Photographs Netherlands {in English}
Golden State Bonsai Federation Bonsai Tips Softwood Cuttings U.S.A.
Penjing: Chinese Landscape Bonsai
Mid Atlantic Bonsai Enthusiast Home Page U.S.A.
Bonsai & Bonsai Pot Articles By Max Braverman & Kate Bowditch U.S.A.
New Growing Oaks From Seed U.S.A.
Bonsai Info Center Germany {in German}

Bonsai Magazines, Books & Software

Thumbs Up Bonsai Today magazine, books & videos Stone Lantern Publishing U.S.A.
Thumbs Up International Bonsai magazine U.S.A.
BONSAI Journal of the American Bonsai Society U.S.A.
Bonsai Magazine Published by Bonsai Clubs International (B.C.I.) U.S.A.
All About Bonsai Newsletter Published by Jorge Lucero
Bonsai With Tropicals U.S.A.
Bonsai Magazine Smithfield Publishing Ltd. Great Britain
Golden Statements Magazine Golden State Bonsai Federation U.S.A.
The Art of Bonsai and Japanese Gardens Great Britain
Bonsai Book List and Review By Andy Walsh
Bonsai Book List by Title
Timber Press Publishers of Bonsai, Penjing & related books
Bonsai Learning and Teaching Publications Written and Published by Tom Zane
Thumbs Up Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment. A Journey Exploring an Ancient Chinese Art and Its History, Cultural Background, and Aesthetics. by Qingquan Zhao
New Bonsai Reference Guide v4 Bonsai Tracking Software by Deron Douglas
The Masters Work Bonsai Collection Database by Denny Nolan
Bonsai Related Software
Vitual Bonsai

Bonsai Events

Cool New Online Bonsai Calendar
Bonsai Society of the Palm Beaches Annual Convention May 27 to 31, 1999 U.S.A.

Viewing Stones, Suiseki, & Chinese Scholars Stones

Japanese Gardens

New Japanese Garden Forum om Garden Web
Japanese Garden DatabaseVery complete information
Nitobe Memorial Garden University of British Columbia Canada
Kelowna Japanese Garden Kelowna, British Columbia Canada
Buchart Gardens Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Kurimoto Japanese Garden University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Montreal Botanical Garden Montréal, Québec Canada {in English & French}
Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, California State University Long Beach, California U.S.A.
Japanese Friendship Garden San Diego, California U.S.A.
Japanese Tea Garden (Golden Gate Park) San Francisco, California U.S.A.
Japanese Friendship Garden San Jose, California U.S.A.
Huntington Botanical Gardens, Japanese Garden San Marino, California U.S.A.
Japanese Tea Garden at Central Park San Mateo, California U.S.A.
Hakone Gardens and Cultural Center Saratoga, California U.S.A.
Morikami Museum and Japanese GardensDelray Beach, Florida U.S.A.
Chicago Botanical Garden {Glencoe, Illinois} U.S.A.
Seiwa-En, at the Missouri Botanical Garden St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden's, The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.
Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre Cowra Australia
Japanese Gardens Tajimi City Japan
Sankeien Garden Yokohama Japan
Shiba-Kame Japanese Gardening Inc. Constructors of Japanese Gardens, Tokyo Japan
Japanese Stone Lantern Supplier Japan
Vitual Japanese Garden

Chinese Gardens

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Montreal Botanical Garden Montréal, Québec Canada {in English & French}
Overfelt Chinese Cultural Garden San Jose, California U.S.A.
Shanghai Botanic Garden Shanghai, China (in English}

Tree Links

Ancient Bristlecone Pines {4725 year old trees!} U.S.A.
Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum Tree information)
Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum Tree information)
U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Plant List U.S.A.
Southern Urban Forestry Associates Tree Care Information Center
Tree Book Learning to recognize Trees of British Columbia
Angelgrove Tree Seed Company

Gardening, Bamboo & Propagation Links

Canadian Internet Gardening Resource Canada
Gardening List WWW
The Plants By Mail FAQ
Association of Online Growers and Suppliers
Growing & Hardiness Zones U.S.A.
Time Life Zone Finder {U.S.A. Only} U.S.A.
Canadian Zone Finder {Canada Only} Canada
Ortho Insecticides etc.
Isolite Soil Enhancement
Burt Associates Bamboo U.S.A.
Tradewind Bamboo Nursery U.S.A.
New Lewis Bamboo Groves U.S.A.
New Burton's Bamboo Garden U.S.A.
American Bamboo Society U.S.A.
Plant Propagation
Society for Growing Australian Plants Australia
Air Layering FAQ
Landscape Plant Propagation
Northern Pond Canada
Northern Garden Canada
Traditional Gardening A Journal of Practical Information on Creating and Restoring Classic Gardens

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