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Evangelion-NERV Headquarters: The Never-Ending Rant The Never-Ending Rant
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December 25th

Evangelion-NERV HQ
Last Updated: September 10th, 2001

Character Profiles
Get info on the characters of the series.
Evangelion Mecha
Learn the details behind all the EVAs.
Evangelion Image Gallery
Tons of images on all the characters.
Evangelion Midis
A bunch of the music in EVA.
Basic EVA Plot
Just want to know the bare facts?
Evangelion Scripts
The movie and series scripts!
Webpage Tips
Helping you help your webpage...
The Never-Ending Rant
Webmaster's Weekly Column
Angel Info
Detailed facts on all the angels.
Evangelion Bloopers
Exclusive:There's a ton of Bloopers...
Evangelion Links
Links to other Evangelion Pages...
NGE Episode Guide
Descriptive synopsis on each episode.
An introduction to Evangelion.
See the awards this page has won!
Evangelion Vocabulary
Clear up confusing terms from EVA.
My Award
Apply for my Evangelion award if you have an EVA site.
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(9/10/01) Last Updated: New bloopers, complete information/content revision begun.

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