Hi! It's me Sailor Moon Beam! ::A tall woman steps out of the shadows. She is wearing a yellow Sailor scout uniform not un like Pluto's with white gloves that stop between her elbow and her shoulder. Her dark, bluish, green hair is up in two buns one on either side of her head with long streamers of hair that just barly rest on the floor behind her as a few long whisps rest on her shoulders. She does not have a tirra but instead has a tilted cresent moon symbol on her forehead and her broach. The same symbol is hanging from a piece of black leather around her neck and also attached to the point on the front of her uniform where her skirt starts. The symbol is also found hanging from a set of three water drop shaped yellow jewls (earings) and on her boots that come up to a point at her knee with a silver strip around the top, right on the point. She looks at you with unblinking, silver eyes. You notice how beautiful she is and wonder whats going on. You look around to find yourself in a rose garden. All around you grow yellow, white, and red roses and suprisingly the colors don't clash they fit perfectly in every corner some accent flowers were added to help the effect such as irisus and morning glory's. You look back at the woman as she begins to speak:: Welcome to the moon Kingdom. ::she smiles encouragingly:: Please feel free to look around my wing of the palace. ::A man of the same height walks up next to her:: If you need anything while learning your way around we will be glad to help. ::as the handsome man steps into the light you see that he has short black hair and an "E" on his forehead and on his black leather necklase over the sign of the Earth. He is wearing loose clothing and has a tie belt around his waste. He smiles at Sailor Moon beam.:: You called fair madin? ::she looks reproachfuly at him:: Oh Shut up! :: she smiles at you:: This is Guardian Earth. We are the leaders of the Guardian Scouts. ::both get proud looks Guardian agrees:: Thats right and we are the strongest of all the scouts. ::the two look smug momentarialy. Sailor Moon Beam Continues:: As the leader of the Guardians we are here to introduce you to our Guardian's. First there is our Sailor Jupiter dating friend Guardian Mercury. Then we have my ever so handsome boyfriend Guardian Jupiter. The oh so formal Guardian Venus that Hot stud! And of course the complete opposite of his sister, just like me, Guardian Mars.

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