This is a page of internet links in various subjects including government resources. There are descriptions of the pages linked to. These pages have, on average, five to six links per page. There is not a search engine for this page.

Some sites are listed on more than one page because they fit into more than one category. (Fedstats, for example, is both on the government page and the statistics page because Fedstats has statistics from government agencies.) New pages will be added on an irregular basis. Pages will be updated on an irregular basis also.

There is a very nice collection of Internet links here from the Children's Department of the McAllen Memorial Library. It is very worth taking the time to explore it.

Directories and Search Engines
These are pages about web directories and search engines.

Federal Government links
special pages for Federal Court links, Presidential Sites, and Congressional links
These pages are about the Federal government and include specialized government search engines

Political Links
Page of politicical links

Texas links
Texas Medical links, Texas Government links, Texas History links,
and Texas News Links
Pages about Texas

History pages
Texas History,and American History

Medical information
special pages for Cancer links, and HIV/AIDs links, and Diabetes links
These pages are about medicine.

Page of statistical links

News Pages
With More News pages, and Texas News Links

Crime amd legal pages
a Crime page, another crime page, and a legal page

Job and Career pages
Pages of job hunting links, career information links, and resume links.