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Ranma and Akane star-gazing

*These pages were last updated on December 20, 2000.*

* still not much, but at least you know I'm alive right? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :o)
* posted new fanfic submission "Forever Bound". Read it, it's pretty cool (they all are). And do me a favor and pester the author to finish it, ok? ;-)
* fixed counter (check it out!)

COMING SOON...(way overdue)
* will update links for the new (real) millennium
* will completely update Bookstore o' Ranma
* "His Father's Son" (new fic - tentative)
* "The Legend comes to Life!" (new fic - tentative)

Yes, I would like to reiterate that all fanfics and fanfic series on this site written by me are finished, so that should be an incentive for reading since you won't be hanging in suspense for several months. I've got these ideas for new fanfics but haven't had time to start them; college has a way of eating up your spare time I guess. Once again, thanks for everybody's e-mail and interest. It's thanks to you why I'm still sticking around. Sorry if it takes a long time for me to answer and stuff, just be assured I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. I've taken out my Lpage guestbook since it doesn't seem to be working... Darn, most of people's messages are there... Cheer me up by filling out this one remaining! To view, click here.
Or else, e-mail me at my new address: It'll inspire me to get better...


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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND DISCLAIMERS: Copyrights Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan,Inc. RANMA 1/2 is a trademark of Viz Communications, Inc. All characters and situations are portrayed without permission, but maintainer pleads for absolvement in the name of pure enjoyment and fun. Several images found here are the property of Iconbazaar.

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