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Because of Sen. Jim Jeffords defection from the GOP, the Democrates are poised to take power in the Senate. 5/29/2001 - Click for Yahoo NewsYahoo News

BUSH WON!! 4/26/2001 - Click for Yahoo News

A Democratic friend of mine stated, "California will probably increase Gore's vote don't you think!" I replied, "NO, because the reported California results do not include three votes Bush received by absentee ballot in my household.
Roy Thomas (TOM) Premo, Jr.
Voting Precinct 0000882, Regular Precinct 0096036,
Ballot Style 267 (NOT Butterfly)"

U.S. Presidential Election Challenged by Gore - Nov 9 (9:45PM EST)
The latest is that Gore is challenging some of the election results in Florida and, in my opinion, this leaves the door open for election challenges at other polling places in Florida and around the nation which could delay the results of the election even longer. It looks like we will NOT know who will be the next U. S. President by the time I leave for Vietnam on 14 November...:=(

Bush Wins Presidential Election-Networks - AP - Nov 8
Bush Pins Hopes on Brother Jeb to Deliver Florida - Reuters - Nov 8
Networks Berated for Early Florida Projection - Reuters - Nov 8
George W. Bush wins the presidency, CNN estimates - Nov 8

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Presidential Candidates:
Al Gore - Democrat | George W. Bush - Republican
Pat Buchanan - Reform | Ralph Nader - Green

Conventions: Republican | Democratic | Reform | Green

California 10th Congressional District
Ellen Taucher - Democrat | Gordon Blake - Republican
California 7th District State Senate
Richard Rainey R-Walnut Creek | Tom Torlakson D-Antioch

Tour The Whitehouse East TOM's home in Vietnam, The Whitehouse East, has copied many of the features of the White House in Washington, DC. President Clinton and his family traveled to Vietnam in November after the 2000 Election and he arrived in Ho Chi Minh City-Saigon on the same day that TOM arrives at Tan Son Nht airport in Saigon. TOM has sent EMails inviting Mr. Clinton to visit Go Cong and to stay in the Whitehouse East. However, he did NOT make the trip to Go Cong, Tien Giang Province in the Mekong Delta4/26/01

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