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Kimberly relaxing in her bathrobe
Kimberly relaxing in her bathrobe.

Kimberly was designed by Marlene Dantzer for TOMY in 1981. She's 17 inches tall and a great play doll. I just love her sweet facial expression! She reminds me of my days when I was a little girl in the 1980's. I even had outfits similar to her jeans and school outfit. Who wasn't into "prairie skirts" in the early 80's? Her jogging outfit has the cutte pom pom socks that were all the rage. I especially liked the ones with the little pink balls!

I must mention that the quality of Kimberly's vinyl is exceptional. Kimberly's best feature, her hair, made of Italian mylon, is easy to style. I could play with it for hours! The African American versions that I am aware of are: Cheerleader, Gettin' Fancy and Roller Skating. She comes in a closed mouth version, or with an open smiling mouth. Kimberly has nine outfits marketed by TOMY.

Cheerleader Kimberly

Cheerleader Kimberly - Kimberly is th eprettiest cheerleader as she roots for her favorite team in her red & white uniform & pom poms. This particular version is very popular with collectors.

Gettin' Fancy Kim

Gettin' Fancy Kimberly - Kimberly's getting ready for the dance. She has a lovely gown, corsage, and a lace overskirt that can double as a cape! She also comes with a sticker book with 20 stickers (I am proud to admit that I collected & traded stickers in elementary school) that helps her plan her big day! This is the only version that has a big bright open smiling mouth.
  As for Kimberly's wardrobe, a girl has to have something to wear. I have seven of the nine outfits marketed by Tomy.

Sleeping Outfit

Sleeping Outfit - When Kimberly sleeps over at a friend's house, she brings her own sleeping bag, her warmest slippers, and her soft blue nightshirt designed by Happy People®! (Don't you remember the fun of a sleep over?) Kimberly's bag is big enough for her to sleep in.

Roller Skating Outfit

Roller Skating Outfit - Kimberly is an eye catcher in her pink shorts, T-shirt, and knee socks with roller skates that really lace up and wheels that really roll. With a comb and lip gloss, she looks great wherever she goes! (Sunday night was "skating night" where I grew up!)

Soccer Outfit

Soccer Outfit - Kimberly wears her team's colors (blue and white) with black and white sport shoes that match her team's soccer ball!

Ice Skating Outfit

Ice Skating Outfit - Kimberly's shiny white skates have laces that really lace up, and she keeps herself warm in her peacock blue costume, pretty knit hat and white furry muff!

Jeans Outfit

Jeans Outfit - Kimberly has got the look in her Hang Ten® jeans, soft blue top with a lace collar, socks, tennis shoes, and a flying disk to play in the park!

Hang Ten is the registered trademark of Hang Ten International.

School Outfit

School Outfit - When Kimberly goes to schol, she wears a blouse with a navy blue ribbon, plaid skirt, knee socks, clogs, and carries her homework in a backpack! (The only thing that would have made this outfit even more 80's would have been penny loafers or saddle oxfords instead of the clogs!)

Party Dress (MIP)...Jogging Outfit (MIP)

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