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  Welcome to my page dedicated to Toyota 4x4 pickups and 4Runners.  Here you will find vehicles I own and modifications to each, many parts for sale, information on rust and fiberglass parts, tech information, and who knows what!  Most of my "fleet" has been fixer-uppers that I restored and sold; however, I currently own the blue 1990 4Runner pictured above, a blue 1985 x-tra cab 4x4.  I have a stepside fiberglass box  for sale on my For Sale page.  If you have any questions or comments on this page, please E-mail me.  If the banner ads on my site get in the way, they can easily be minimized/closed by clicking on the arrow in the ad.  Unfortunately, I am stuck with having banner ads--sorry! 
2.  North West Off-Road (NWOR) of Bellingham, Washington.  The majority of their customers are more than
       dissatisfied.  NWOR = No Warranty Or Returns!
1. Clinometer Gauge: set installation how-to, cheap and easy!
2. Custom Interiors: information on replacement seats, carpet/cloth installation.
4. Fiberglass Truck Boxes:  my experiences with them and a list of manufacturers.
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3. Axle Gear Ratios:  Some tips on figuring them out.
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5. Rust! Living in the heart of the Rust Belt. 
8. Color Sanding: a technique used to remove scratches, orange peel, and other surface
     defects from paint and plastic/lexan surfaces. 
7. Custom K&N Filtercharger: for only around $60!
4x4 Wire Toyota Forums
1. Important!!! If you live an area where rust is a concern, even if only a minor
inspect your rear brake lines!
2. Lift manufacturer Explorer Pro Comp's poorly designed bracket for 1990-1995
      4Runner rear coil suspension lifts.
In this day an age, I'm forced to say this because everyone is sueing everyone.  There is always a chance information found within my different web pages may not be entirely accurate and/or may be out-dated.  If you chose to follow any instructions within my pages or links associated with, I assume no responsibility what-so-ever for your results.  It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure any change, modifcation, removal, or addition to a vehicle is safe for yourself and for others.  If you are not comfortable with doing something, then do not do it.  We are on this earth for a very short time, so have fun while you are here and BE SAFE! 
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6. Strange Idle Problem: on a 22RE or V6 that ONLY happens when stepping on the brake pedal.
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    Come see my Toyota-related For Sale Page!  Here you'll find vehicles for sale and a ton of spare parts available from various make/model Toyota Trucks and 4Runners and occasional whole/running vehicles for sale.  I also have 1982, 1985, 1986, and 1987 Toyota parts vehicles.  Pictures are available for any item so you can inspect things yourself.  I have specific lists for each parts truck I have and include what's left and associated pricing, so make sure to check it out!  I do this in my spare time and apologize if I don't reply back quickly. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, family, and friends involved in the senseless tragedy that took place in the United States on September 11, 2001. 

We shall overcome.
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