How To Use A Paddle

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Paddle Meetings

trading swats group

Now you can just pick it up, make your victim bend and give him as many he's due, one, two, three....

But oh, I love it when I'm supposed to get it that the paddler make me take the exactly right position. Make me make adjustments, nudge me with the paddle, put his arm across my shoulder and draw me closer and hold me firmly. Then to lay his hand on my butt as if to check to see that I am ready and to draw my attention to what is coming. Then to lean forward and talk with me to let me know what to expect and to check to see how I'm doing. Then with an extreme motion to raise the paddle. To let me see the movement and sense the movement. Then to prepare me to give each cheek a few light taps to warm me up and then to rub the paddle back and forth across the middle of the buttocks. Oh to know that it is coming. He lays his hand across my shoulder and then raises the paddle high and lets it sail down and solid hit my butt. Then within a second or two to pull the paddle back up and fall back down hard across the same spot. Add fire to fire. And then one more time to make the effect perfect. He raises the paddle again and let down a third time good and hard on the exact same spot cutting into my butt. I love it. I hate it. Then to take a breath, and he takes his hand and rubs it across the same spot. And checks to see how I'm doing. Lets his hand pass across my butt again and give it a little pat. Take the paddle again, rubbing it back and forth across my cheeks, gives each cheek a tap, lifts the paddle back a foot or two and smacks me hard, one, two, three, four, five. For a second pulls around and looks in my face, smiles, lets arm rub across my back and then raises the paddle slightly again and down again, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, good and hard. I take a breath, stretch and adjust my stance. He lets the paddle rest, draws his hand up across my back and digs into the nape of my neck. It's not over. Just a second to breath. A perfect experience. A perfect paddling.