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Bubblegum Crucible - Fanfics from the Bubblegum Crisis/Crash Universe

The year is 2035. The place: MegaToyko, Japan. A city risen anew from the destruction and chaos of the Second Great Kanto Earthquake ten years before. But below the glittering surface of the city's skyline, there is a dark side, a side the city's citizens are well aware of. A world where large, multi-national Corporations, and not the state, hold the real power. And at the center of this new corporate feudalism is the largest and most powerful of these - GENOM. Led by the mysterious Quincy, GENOM seems bent on only one goal - complete control of the earth.

It is the era of the Boomer - machines that combine artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and mechatronics to produce a synthetic life form. The Boomer has become the laborer of choice in menial tasks, robbing people of their jobs and futures. But the emergence of the Boomer has lead to another problem - that of Boomer rampages. Once started, these machines become nearly indestructible killers, wreaking havoc on anything in their path.

GENOM, as the force behind these Boomers, sees them as a way to complete their goal of global domination. Only one group has the ability to oppose GENOM - The Knight Sabers. Led by the daughter of the man who created the Boomer, this group of four women used advanced Battlesuits to fight GENOM. But how long can four people hold out against the might of an entire megacorporation?

Based on the 1980's Anime OVA series, Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash!, (not the BGC2040 TV series) Bubblegum Crucible continues the story of the Knight Sabers. The Boomers are getting harder to kill, GENOM is continuing to expand its domination of the world, and other people are trying to deal their way into positions of power. The Knight Sabers need allies, and find a few others willing to help them. But will it be enough?

Knight Sabers
Black Knights, Steel Hearts
The first in the Series. An American mercenary group, hot on the heels of a kidnaped teenage girl, comes to MegaToyko. The Knight Sabers are reluctantly drawn into the affair, after finding out the girl has important information on technology that might make the Boomer almost invincible. Soon, they find themselves not only trying to rescue the girl, but trying to figure out who is friend and who is foe....FINISHED
Chapters 01 - 05 Chapters 06 - 10 Chapters 11 - 15 Chapters 16 - 20 Chapters 21 - 25 Chapters 26 - 30 Chapters 31 - 35 Chapters 36 - 40 Chapters 41 - 45
The Black Knights' hardsuits, designed with the MEKTON Zeta rules for the BGC RPG

Knight Sabers
Vigilante's Run
The second story in the Series. A high-tech Vigilante has declared war on the city's largest Yakuza gang. Soon, the entire city is a battleground as the shadow war shakes MegaTokyo's Underworld. Can the Knight Sabers avoid being drawn into the conflict? CURRENTLY UNFINISHED
Chapters 1 - 5 Chapters 6 - 10 Chapters 11 - 15 Chapter 16 - 20 Chapters 18 and later

Knight Sabers
Storm Warnings
The third story in the Series, and a Highlander Crossover. The Hunters,a radical offshoot of the Watchers, have begun killing Immortals in MegaTokyo. The Knight Sabers, along with a small group of Immortals, including Ducan Macleod and Amanda, are the only ones that can stop the killing. But an Immortal from Amanda's past has his own plans -- plans that could be more dangerous to the Immortals then the Hunters. . . . CURRENTLY UNFINISHED
Chapters 1 - 5 Chapters 6 - 10 Chapter 11 - 15 Chapters 16 and later

Future stories will follow in this series, once I finish these three.

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