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In the recent months since the last update, a number of things have happened. In June I moved to Leicester from Luton and did not back-up my data (especially the T&T stuff) and take it with  me. I hoped my cousin (Michael McBride) would keep it safe, but I soon learnt that it is not the case. He formatted his secondary drive (Where the T&T Handler II source code resided) without checking what was in it.

Then I hear of what happened, I let him have it and he apologised most profusely. Anyway, what's done is done and no going back. So I am rebuilding it with a more graphical interface as you can see in the screenshot below.

Due to the hours I work and other worldly stuff I do, it's coming along, all but very slowly, but it's getting done. Sorry, there is now download this issue, but there will be a alpha release in the next issue (hopefully), which should wet the taste buds in anticipation for the final product.

If you have any suggestions of what should be included and what is not to be included then please E-Mail me with your suggestions. Please note, I aim for this to be an all in one tool for the GM and players alike.

Things to be included:
-- Kindred Handler
-- Monster Handler
-- Colleges of magic
-- The wizards guild (one handler for each college)
-- Separate treasure tables for each treasure type (swords, shields, wands, etc...)
-- Character Generator
-- Kindred Generator
-- Monster Generator
-- Dice Roller
-- Weather generator
-- Tavern Generator
-- Dungeon Designer
-- Thieves Guild Generator and Handler
-- Combat Handler
-- Encounter Generator
-- Trap Handler
-- Database Auto Updator
and still more freatures as I can add them (given time and sugestions rom readers and users.


January 2004
May 2004


Graham Buckingham