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Trollhalla Coinage

Golden Unicorn
Trollhalla Coin
Trollhalla Coinage
Leg-less Silver
Trollhalla Coinage





I would like to present you with a noble tribute, as you instructed. I hope you will find it worthy. I commanded my minions to present me with their most prized coins. This resulted in me recovering some interesting "lost property". Fryer Martin had 3 of my brutish copper two-piece, so he got sixpence worth of prayers and wailing, over a hot flame.
Then, checking on that no-good wizard of mine, kaveman, remember him Mr "Here's a Magic Copper Piece, Sir. I've got a New Magic Wand!" prat.
"What have you got for Us" I commanded, He presents me with this cheap knock off of a SP. "Silver Piece, I suppose it's magic," I growled. "What the F#@K do you think this is? Cheap tricks again!" By now I had his total attention, he seems to lose it very quickly. "COIN TRIBUTE!" he scrambled into his robe, rapidly going through the pockets.
As each pocket emptied onto the table his face grew whiter and whiter.
"Ahh, your new Gold Piece!" he stammered. (he's very quick this wizard of mine.) Then he passes over your Glorious Trollhalla GP. Yes, he had been secretly hoarding it. So he got himself 1 GP's worth of time on heat. Turning slowly.
Later I prized this from his cold senseless fingers, his special Golden Unicorn Gold Piece. He should brew another resurrection potion.
My tribute is in this small Treasure Chest called With all the spam filters, if the zip fails to stay attached please contact me and I'll post it on my site for download.
These coins are ensorcelled with kaveman's crazy magic dimension spell, Trolls being able to keep and freely share the coin, so guard the chest with care and only share it with the minions you fully control.
your southern most minion


January 2004
May 2004


Graham Buckingham