For The Marines of

Remote Prayer Circle
For The Marines of

Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines
& Captain Brian, Battery Commander

5/14/03 Update: Photo of Brian in Iraq!!
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BIG NEWS!! Brooke got a call from Brian!! Click here for details!!

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In October 2002 my cousin Brooke married Brian, a U.S. Marine Corps Captain. In addition to being a very nice fellow with a very dry wit, 
Brian is a Battery Commander, in charge of 120+ Marines. 

In January, Brian's battery left Camp Lejeune to support the 
U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in Southwest Asia, Northeast Africa and the Middle East. While we donít know exactly where they are headed, itís a safe bet that they are with the thousands of troops being deployed for a possible invasion of Iraq.

I am a big believer in the power of prayer, and so I am starting
a remote prayer chain for Brian and the men in his company. 

How does remote prayer work? 
You participate by doing two things:

1. Say a prayer for Brian and his men.

2. Pass on this URL (or the prayer request itself)
to at least one person. 

Please feel free to pray for them in keeping with your own faith and traditions. Iíve also included a sample prayer you can use.

You can also post a message for Captain Brian and his guys
by sending me an email.
(Note: The email link is fixed, so if your message bounced back, it should go through now.)
Iíll review all of the messages
and post them here. As Brooke reminded me recently 
(since she was a Marine Corps Captain herself), 
it means A LOT to military personnel overseas
to know that people at home are thinking of them.

Click to See Messages For the Marines!!

If youíd like to set up your own remote prayer page, email me here.

Even if you donít believe in this war, please say a prayer asking God or your Higher Power to guide these Marinesí thoughts and actions,
to watch over and protect them as they fulfill their mission, and to watch over their families while they are away.

Even if you donít believe in God or prayer, take a moment
and send a positive thought their way. 
And please pass on this URL to friends and family!


There are now Counter people praying for Brian and his guys!!