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Alvah N Davis was the son of Charles Edward Davis, grandson of John Barton Davis, great-grandson of Elijah Davis and great-great-grandson of James B Davis.

Alvah Newton Davis was born 27 Nov 1894 near Pursley, Texas and deceased in December of 1980 in Lockney Texas. He married Miriam Lavonia Jennings on 11 May 1921 in Rock Hill, Shackelford Co., Texas. She was born 6 Mar 1901 at Glen Rose, Texas and deceased 1992 in Wylie Texas. They had two children;
Clarence's family Clarence Davis, born 1922 deceased 1983,
Doris' Family Doris E Zieammerman(Davis). My mother.
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The photo above is of my Grandparents home taken in the winter time.
You can see there was a light snow that fell.

They lived on a farm about 8 or 9 miles from Lockney and about 1 to 2 miles from a very small town called Sterley, Texas. His brother Mason Oliver Davis lived on an adjacent farm. His brother Cyrus Allen Davis lived near Kress, Texas in the Plainview, Texas area. They were members of a small country congregation of the Church of Christ. Lockney is a small Texas town in Floyd County, Texas in the vicinity of Plainview, Texas north of Lubbock, Texas. Miriam Lavonia Jennings(Davis) was the daughter of Eli and Fannie Mae(Cockerill)Jennings. She was born 6 Mar 1901 in Glenn Rose, Texas and deceased 17 Dec 1992 in Wylie.
Source below for some history on Alvah N. Davis and Miriam L (Jennings)Davis:

Mom said Christina Liming, first wife of John Barton Davis had passed away right after they moved from Illinois to the Purdon, Texas area. She also gave me a few details about circumstances leading to Grandad Alvah N. Davis moving from Purdon, Texas to Elbert, Texas in Throckmorton, County, Texas before moving to their farm near Sterley, Texas in the vicinity of Lockney, Texas. Charles Edward Davis, father of Alvah N. Davis, had apparently inherited land from Charles W. Augustine, great-grandfather of Charles Edward Davis on his mother's side of the family, in Illinois, Sect 36,Spring Run, Township 16 North Range XIII West, in public road, Morgan County Illinois. I think the will was dated 19 Oct 1889. They lived in Elbert, Texas, Throckmorton County, Texas at the time. Charles Edward Davis moved his family to the Elbert, Texas area about 1900 or 1901. Charles Edward Davis sold the land he had inherited and used the money to make a down payment on a section of Land near Lockney, Texas. He again moved his family to the farm near Sterley, Texas from the Elbert, Texas area about 1926. Charles Edward Davis lived on the land with his son's Alvah Newton Davis, Mason Oliver Davis, and Cyrus Allen Davis. He and his sons's made payments on the land together. Charles Edward Davis died as a result of a car accident in 1937. Will and map of inheritance are available, use links above in paragraph.

My grandad, Alvah N Davis taught school at Newcastle, Texas when they lived in Elbert, Texas. I believe Elbert, Texas is on the Brasos river.

My Grandparents, Alvah N Davis and Miriam L (Jennings)Davis were members of the Church of Christ and attended Prarie Chapel church in the vicinity of Lockney, Texas. He reminded me in large part of the character of "Atticus Finch" in the book and movie, "To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee". Grandad taught me more about Jesus than any preacher I've heard by the life he lead. You could follow around at grandad's elbow and watch his every step for months on end and never hear him say an inappropriate word even in trial and tribulation. He and grandma followed Jesus and practiced what they taught their kids and then their grandkids about following Jesus. Aunt Katharyn told me a story about the depth of grandad's faith in Jesus that I'd previously heard but didn't get the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say. Grandad had made arrangements prior to being drafted in WWI to serve his obligation but as a noncombatant because of his strong conviction and faith in Jesus Christ. The U.S. Army soon tested that conviction and faith to the extreme. They sent him to Leavenworth because Grandad would not relent and agree to carry a rifle or be involved in killing or harming another human being. I could imagine the treatment there was harsh to put it mildly but Katharyn told me they actually put Grandad and others in front of a firing squad and told him he had to agree or be executed. Grandad refused and they shot him but other than the mental terror of the moment no harm was done. They had blank rounds in the rifles but no one knew; probably not even the members of the firing squad.

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