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from Grandad Alvah Davis glass plates negative.
from Grandad Alvah N Davis collection.
from Grandad Alvah N Davis collection.
from Glas Plate collection of Grandad Alvah N Davis.
from Grandad Alvah N Davis collection.
from Grandad Alvah N Davis collection of unknown family.
from Grandad Alvah N Davis' collection of Glass Plate Negatives.
of Grandad Alvah N Davis
from Grandad Alvah N Davis' collection of Glass Plate negatives.
Glass Plate 7 left
Glass Plate 7 right
Glass Plate 5 left
Elizabeth Foster photograph graciously provided by Mrs. Carol Orwig of Beardstown, Illinois.
5 Generations photograph.
cistern at Ira Davis former farm house.
of Mason Davis farm house.
of Fannie and Naoma Davis
of Alvah and Miriam Davis with son Clarence Davis (Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Clarence)
of Doris and Katharyn Davis from mom's photo's
of Grover Roberts.
NEGATIVE of Glass Plate 11 left.
of Fannie Mae Jennings and Grandmother Mims
of Doris at nine years of age.
of Ed, Kenton, Nadine & Kate.
of Edward, Katharyn, Kenton, and Thruman Davis.
of Loma, Wilmer & Lena Tantzen.
Edward, Kenton and Katharyn Davis photo.
of Grandmother Miriam (Jennings)Davis and brother Earl when they were children.
of Eli Jennings and Children Jonnie and Earl Jennings on their farm.
Mason and Fannie Davis. Graciously provided by Mr. Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ.
of Ira Davis and Viletta Lane graciously provided by Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ.
of Evie Davis, daughter of James P Davis, and her husband Leslie Watkins.
of Cyrus Augustine Davis and Lucy Hosier.
of Thomas Myrtle Davis and Emily Anderson.
of Panch Villa with story about Uncle Mel Smith.
of Edward & Julia Ann Davis & Family.
of Perry Davis' farm house, early 1900s.
of Edward & Julia Ann Davis by their house.
of John Barton Davis and family with Mirilda Jane (Kimbrell)Davis.
of John Barton Davis. The family history page.
of Ira A Davis and Viletta (Lane)Davis at their farm near Pursley Community, Texas
Photo of unidentified relatives. There is a remote possibility it could be Christina Liming or relatives of Christina Liming.
of Isaac March Liming and family, brother of Christina Liming, wife of John Barton Davis.
View of Jacob Riley Roberts and Nancy C. (Bowman)Roberts, parents of Sarah Annie Roberts, who married Charles Edward Davis.
family history of Alvah and Miriam Davis.
in family history page on Katharyn and Wilbur Foraker
View of grandparents of Miriam L (Jennings)Davis. George N Cockerill & Alice Soapes.
William Albert Jennings & Mary Jennings, grandparents of Miriam L. (Jennings)Davis.
of farm house in earlier years. Farm house where Alvah & Miriam Davis lived.
of wooden Windmill on Alvah Davis' farm.
I though this was a pretty good photo that granddad took.
of Alvah and Miriam Davis in 1920s.
of my Great Great Grandmother Alice L (Soapes)Cockerill near Hamby, Texas
Photo of Wheat Harvest Combine on A. N. Davis farm.
of granddad's Model T.
of granddad's farm house site in 1998.
View of Alvah, Cyrus, and Mason Davis. Brothers and sons of Charles Edward Davis.

View of Ethel Elizabeth (Davis)Krieg. Daughter of Francis Marion Davis and Jane Davis.
View marriage of Stella Pearl (Davis)Kruse and Jacob Kruse. Daughter of Francis Marion Davis and Jane Davis.
of Carlos J Kruse, Carol Orwig's dad, taken 13 Sep 98.
of Carlos Kruse, family and Wife Helen. Taken over hollidays of 1999 - 2000.
of Tom Smith at Family Reunion 1998
of Tom Smith 1965
of grandkids and part of the farm.
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