Copy of portion of pages for 1830 US Census, Jessamine County, Kentucky, Page 212A, Western Division, North Liberty showing James B Davis.

Copy of portions of page 212A of 1830 census as indicated.
1830 Jessamine County, Kentucky, Census, transcribed.
How did I know this was the same James B Davis as my ancestor? Primarily by the age groups of the family members. I assume a 1 Jun 1830 census date with actual census having been conducted in December of 1830 as noted on end page for North Liberty, Jessamine County, Kentucky It should have been 1 or 30 Jun 1830 cutoff date to use for age ranges listed on this however the question more than likely was "how old are you?".
    (AGE RANGE) (daughter or son) (range of years for birth) (NAME & Date or Year Born) (**)= My guess as to match of family member.
  1. (50 to 60) (1 Female) (**) unknown but suspect an error* should have been 40 to 50 column but marked wrong on census. Think it should have been Elizabeth Hawkins his wife but she was probably under 45 years old then.
  2. (40 to 50) (1 Male) (**) James B Davis head of family. He was 45 years old then.
  3. (20 to 30) (1 daughter) 1810 to 1820 Winney Davis born Apr 1810 (**).
  4. (15 to 20) (1 daughter) 1810 to 1815 (unknown) * think Nancy if dau died after 1835 in IL.
  5. (10 to 15) (2 sons) 1815 to 1820 Elijah Davis born 1818 (**) and Edward Davis born Mar 1820 (**).
  6. (5 to 10) (2 daughters) 1820 to 1825 Anna Davis born 1822 (**) (**) Martha Davis (ca) 1825 from 1850 Census.
  7. (5 to 10) (1 son) 1820 to 1825 John Davis (ca) 1821 (**).
  8. (under 5) (2 sons & 1 daughters) 1825 to 1830 Richard Lee Davis born 1826 (**) (unknown son) - perhaps William Davis?? (**) & Susan Davis born (ca) 1830 (**).

From the numbers I take it that this is my ancestor due to the manner in which most of the dates agree with known facts of James B Davis family. He had a cousin also named James B Davis born 1804 in Woodford County, adjoining, the son of his dad's brother Thomas W Davis. Due to his year of birth I would assume this could not be his cousin, James B Davis, son of Thomas Davis, because he would have married probably at earliest around 1824 and had no more than 4 or 5 children all younger than 6 years old. His cousin would be found in the 20 to 30 year old age column. North Liberty was the name of a town in Jessamine County, Kentucky. It had been Keene, Kentucky up to 1813 and was renamed North Liberty only to be renamed as Keene, Kentucky a few years later. I think the Post Office was established or opened there and called Keene instead of the new town name of North Liberty. The present name is Keene, Kentucky and is located about four point three miles North West of Nicholasville, Kentucky and is also about two and one half miles South East of the Jessamine and Woodford County lines. The two counties are nieghbors.
Aside from this I also found Jesse Davis on Page 213 of this census and assume he lived close to James B Davis in North Liberty (Keene), Kentucky, a few pages later Benjamine Davis is listed also in North Liberty (Keene), Kentucky.
Also Hannah Davis, widow of Charles Davis not listed as head of household. I think she lived might be listed with Hickman Kersey's family as he married her daughter Sally Davis and there is a 60 to 70 year old lady listed in their household. One of the James Davis listings would be James Davis, the son of Hannah Davis and Charles Davis, who also lived in Jessamine County, Kentucky then.
Dr. J. L. Miller mentioned in his book, "Descendants of Capt Thomas Carter to 1912" that Thomas Davis, brother of Charles Davis moved to the south west corner of Fayette County, Kentucky just on the line with Jessamine and Woodford Counties of Kentucky on Sinking Creek. Thomas Davis later acquired land just inside Woodford County still on Sinking Creek just across the line from Jessamine County. Our ancestor Charles Davis and family moved to Jessamine Co., Ky near his brothers homestead but in Jessamine County. Charles Davis died there in 1807 just before he reached 50 years of age.
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