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This page and all the others it links to finally paid off, Charles Edwin Davis is the father of James B Davis. His ancestors are at Thomas Davis page.
Jessamine Co, KY, Index page for 1830 Census transcribed.
1820 Census, Jessamine Co, KY.
*1.. Reference note One from James B Davis page. The 1850 US Census for Cass County IL listed him on page 48B (M432/99/48B) conducted on 5 Dec 1850. His 65th birthday had occurred by 5 Dec that year. 1860 US Census for Cass County IL listed him as age 74 on page 48B (M653/160/48), which was conducted on 26 Jun 1860. His 75th birthday had not yet occured on 26 Jun 1850. This is the source for calculating his date of birth between 26 Jun and 5 Dec 1785. Each census cover page was either 1 or 30 June but the census taker did not conduct their portion in one day. On average one to two pages per day were completed and most pages had a different date than the official census date. Instead of asking how old a person was as of the "official" date the question got shortened to "how old are you?".
*2..Reference note Two. Copy of 1830 US Census for Jessamine Co, KY, Page 212A, lists James B Davis.
*6. 1820 Census, Jessamine County, Ky.
3..Nancy Davis reference page. Assuming she was daughter of James B Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins.

10* Reference Page 48 of 1860 Census, Cass Co, IL showing Elijah Davis and family. Common sense indicates Elijah Davis and Elizabeth (Shoopman) Davis lived in Cass Co, MO because they are buried there. Two of their sons and a daughter with families, James P and John B Davis and Hannah (Davis)Kimbrell & Nelson Kimbrell moved to Navarro Co, TX in 1878/79 holding over at Cass Co, Peculiar MO for three months of that winter. I do not think any of us know if Elijah and Elizabeth Davis, their parents, were with them on the move or if their children stopped in Peculiar, MO to provision and visit with their parents who may have allready been living there. Elijah and Elizabeth Davis are listed on the 1880 Census for Cass County, Missouri obtained from immage of that year. The CDROM for 1880 for Cass Co, MO was not useable for large portions due to extreem fading and deterioration of the writing. I do not know where obtained a readable copy but it does make me curious. This took over a year to discover. We also do not know if any of James B Davis son's served in the Civil War but suspect one or more may have. We also know due to this reference that up through the census date of 1860 Elijah Davis and family lived in Cass Co, Illinois and moved sometime after 1860.
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Descendant Listing of Thomas Davis born 1693 and Susannah (Wyatt)Davis.
Copy of original Court Document showing Charles Davis heirs, includes James Davis as heir and son.
Illinois Land Record for James Davis
Will of James Davis, Jessamine Co, Ky, 1835. Haven't found any links to this James Davis yet.
Will, Executor's bond & Inv. & Appr. documents on Benjamin Davis, brother of Charles Davis
Charles Davis, brother of Thomas W Davis and son of James Conway Davis, father of James B Davis.
to information from Autumn Cox on James B Davis and family
to Information from Full Pension Application of Thomas Davis of Woodford County, KY
to photo of Memorial Grave Stone for James B Davis.
to listing of graves in Clark Cemetary, Cass Co., Il.
to listing of Davis graves in Jessamine County, Kentucky cemetaries.
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6 Dec 1999. I corrected the page on memorial stone for Elizabeth Davis I had made an error on. Memorial Stone in Clark Cemetery for Elizabeth Davis.
James B Davis was born in theState of Virginia in 1785.  Second source verifies the Davis family was located in Virginia before moving to Kentucky. That source is the biographic sketch newspaper article, it states James Davis was born in Virginia. Go to refererence page.

James B Davis father is James Davis from Prince William County, Virginia from Family History of Autumn Cox of Corsicana, Texas. Link to that reference is at beginning of this page.

Information received from Randy Davis indicates that James B Davis was65 years old according to the 1850 census from Illinois. This narrows James B Davis year of birth to 1784-1786. 1860 census from Illinois, Cass Co, lists him as 74 years old and was listed next to Jacob and Winney Shoopman. She was his daughter.

Charles Davis of Jessamine Co, KY was born in 1758 in Spotsylvania Co, VA and died in 1807 or 1808 in Jessamine Co, KY. Since James Davis was an heir of Charles Davis.. These statements were made by Thomas Davis his brother and Hannah (Gaines)Davis his widow one of which may be viewed on this web site. As of 17 Oct 1999.

to Rererence on James B Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins marriage.

Richard Lee Davis was their seventh surviving child, born 1826. Go to page on Richard Lee Davis Biographical Sketch. 2 They lived in North Liberty, Jessamine County, Kentucky in 1830 as listed on that years Census. North Liberty is now Keene, Kentucky in Jessamine County. James B Davis was married there and Mr. Autumn Cox family history report states that they lived there.
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Family history from Mrs. Autumn Cox of Corsicana, TX is source for his father's name being James Davis. Go to Pension
abstract on Thomas Davis. The later record dated 1841 does indicate that James Davis is an heir of Charles Davis of Jessamine County. New information from MichaelAnne Guido confirms that Charles Davis did have a son named James Davis that survived. He witnessed the note his mother wrote for Sally Davis, his sister, to marry Hickman Kersey in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Handwriting comparison does eliminate this James Davis as being the same as James B Davis however.
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Note. Spotsylvania County, Virginia is south of Prince William County,Virginia. Prince William County was organized in 1731 from Stafford andKing George Counties. Spotsylvania County was formed in 1721 from parent counties of King William Co and Essex Co, and King and Queen Co. In 1734 Orange County was formed from Spotsylvania County, and in 1748 Culpeper County was formed from Orange County. In 1738 Augusta County was formed from Orange County. In 1742 Fairfax Co was cut off from Prince WilliamCo with Loudon, Arlington, and Alexandria. In 1759 Fauquier Co was cut off from Prince William Co.
I did get a listing of the Davis Graves in Jessamine County, but it doesn't seem to list graves earlier than 1800 with one or two exceptions. Jessamine County Kentucky graves list for Davis surname.
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Another newpaper article on Geo W Davis reveals the origin and year of birth of the other James Davis and wife Elizabeth Foster. This family was a near neighbor of the other James Davis family in Cass Co, IL. Show me the article please. My cousin Randy Davis sent me a copy of descendant outline report on this family and I included the names of their children near bottom of this page.James Davis & Elizabeth (Foster)Davis family.

Thought I had a sample of James B Davis handwriting found in marriage license request for his son's marriageto Elizabeth Shoopman.
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Elijah Davis and Elizabeth Shoopman were married 23 Aug 1837 in Bluffs, Illinois which is in Scott County, however the handwritten note and handwritten license were from Cass County, Illinois. Clifford Davis of Lubbock, Texas provided me a copy of information he had gathered which is where I obtained the copies. He had obtained information from Mrs Carol J. Orwig in Beardstown, Illinois and included that in the informationhe gave me.

The newspaper article confirms that James B. Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins were parents of Richard L. Davis. The handwritten note confirms James B. Davis was Elijah Davis father and still living in 1837, while 1850 Census confirms he survived past 1850. He died sometime after 1860 but not later than 1883 the year Edward his son built the memorial to him and Elizabeth Davis. James B Davis was listed on Cass Co, IL US Census for 1860 age 74 and next to him on census were Jacob and Winney Shoopman. Winney was a Davis before she married Jacob and the daughter of James B Davis, newly discovered. 17 Oct 99.

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Julia Ann Davis father and father in law of Edward Davis was James Davis, born Jan 15, 1796 in Kentucky, who married Elizabeth Foster. Elizabeth Foster was from Tennessee and was born Jun 5 1800. Randy Davis sent me a list of their children. To help eliminate confusion I included their children listed below. 1. Julia Ann, b. Dec 24, 1818. 2. Thomas M. 3. John, b. Dec 16, 1822. 4. James Allen, b. Oct 29, 1824. 5. Evaline, b. Jun 24, 1826. 6. Polly F, b. Dec 22, 1827. 7. Elizabeth, b. Aug 26, 1829. 8. Mary Jane, b. Nov 21, 1830. 9. Sarah May, b. May 16, 1832. 10. George Washington, b. May 11, 1834. 11. Martha, b. Mar 23, 1836. 12. Budy, b. Nov 26, 1837. 13. Frances Marion, b. Oct 24, 1839. 14. Charles H.
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Elijah Davis. Son of James B. Davis.
John BDavis Son of Elijah Davis.
Charles Edward Davis Son of John Barton Davis.
Alvah Newton Davis Son of Charles Edward Davis. 
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