Photo of James P and Fannie (Kimbrell)Davis done by Fields Cabinet Portraits of Harrisonville, MO in Cass Co, MO graciously contributed by Boyce W. Davis in Prescott, Arizona. James Pope Davis, born on 15 May 1844 in Cass Co., Ill, and died 3 Nov 1906 in Navarro Co., Tx. Fannie C Kimbrell and James P Davis her husband buried in Navarro Co., TX. Have not located cemetary yet but still searching as time permits. He was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Shoopman)Davis. He married Fannie Clemintine Kimbrell, 7 Mar 1867 in Illinois.

of Fannie Clemintine Kimbrell in family photo added also Frank Davis.
    Children of James Pope Davis and Fannie Clementine (Kimbrell)Davis:(10)
  1. Minnie E. davis, b. 18 May 1869, Cass Co., Ill; d. 18 May 1869, Cass Co., Ill.
  2. Charles B Davis, b. 17 Jul 1871, Cass Co., Ill; d. 16 Apr 1938, Garza Co., Tx.
  3. Franke L Davis, b. 10 Mar 1873, Cass Co., Ill; d. 13 May 1956, Kerville, Tx.
  4. Alma J Davis, b. 1 Dec 1876, Cass Co., Ill.; d. 12 Jan 1879, Navarro Co., Tx
  5. Claude N Davis, b. 31 Dec 1879, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 27 Feb 1896, Navarro Co., Tx
  6. Maudie Davis, b. 20 Apr 1882, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 13 Jun 1883, Navarro Co., Tx.
  7. Thomas Myrtle Davis, b. 20 Apr 1882, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 14 Jul 1973, Navarro Co., Tx.
  8. Willie E Davis, b. 17 Mar 1885, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 22 Nov 1954, Navarro Co., Tx.
  9. Lessie Davis, b. 10 Mar 1887, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 13 Apr 1933, Navarro Co., Tx.
  10. Evie Davis, b. 4 Apr 1890, Navarro Co., Tx; d. 24 Apr 1970, Navarro Co., Tx. (in fam photo)

Autumn Cox from Corsicana, Texas had information on James P Davis that follows:
James P. Davis had four children in Cass County, Illinois. John B. Davis had four children in Cass County, Illinois. In 1878-1879 James P Davis and his brother John B Davis moved their families to Navarro County, Texas. According to my Grandfather Charles B Davis as told to my father William Elvin Davis. The Davis family left Illinois in the winter of 1878. There were three families enroute. James Davis his wife Fannie and my Grandfather Charlie and his younger brother Frank and his sister Alma. Also on the trip was James's younger brother John B Davis and his four children, one of them also named Charlie. Fannie's mother and father must have also made the trip as they all show up on the 1880 Navarro County, Texas Census. They lived on adjoining farms in PCT.1 in Navarro County near Corsicana, Texas. They both are shown on the 1880 Federal census for Navarro Co., Tx. The 1890 census is not available since that was destroyed by fire. The 1900 census shows James P Davis but does not show John B Davis. It is not known where he moved to.
Records indicate that James P Davis died in 1906. Fannie lived until 1922. Both are buried in Navarro County, Texas. He said the trip took 89 days. They traveled in the worst of the winter, as they had to arrive in Texas early enough to start spring planting.

Mr. Thomas B Nevill had information on James Pope Davis son Thomas Myrtle Davis.
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