James B. Davis was married to Elizabeth Hawkins in Jessamine County, Kentucky 16 Dec 1806. I thought this 1895 map of that area of Kentucky would help.

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gif map of Ky in 1895
This is a map of the Jessamine, Fayette, and Nelson County area of Kentucky from 1895.
James Davis moved his family to the part of Kentucky that is now Jessamine County after the American Revolution. Jessamine County is near Lexington, Kentucky. I do not have an exact date of birth for James B. Davis, however Randy Davis indicates that the 1850 census from Illinois shows James B Davis as 65 years old. The newspaper clipping and census both indicate that James B. Davis was "a native of Virginia". I also guess that the town of Virginia, Ill did not exist then so Virginia must refer to the State (after the Revolution) or English Colony prior to the Revolution.
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