James P Davis and John Barton Davis moved to Purdon Texas area from Cass County, Illinois in 1878 to 1879.

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This is a map of where my great-grandparents moved to from Illinois in the winter of 1878 to 1879. They stopped over in Cass County, Peculiar Missouri along the way. In 1879 John Barton Davis lost his wife, Christina Liming and two children in the Dresden, Texas area about eight miles north west of Purdon. I think they died of typhoid fever or the flu. Location 1 is where John Barton Davis farmed later. Location 2 is where his son Ira A Davis farmed. Location 3 is Old Pursley Cemetary and location 4 is New Pursley Cemetary.
So far we have been unable to locate James P Davis and Fannie C Kimbrell's grave. James P Davis lived on an adjoining farm to John Barton Davis his brother in Precinct 1 after they arrived in Navarro County.

There is only a trace or a portion of a cistern in a field next to the white gravel road where Ira Davis house once stood. Nothing remains of the homestead where Grandad Alvah N Davis was born just up the road from where Ira Davis lived. Mom had said she and Grandad Alvah (her dad) went down there one time and he showed her where the old farm site was located He pointed out a stand of sycamore trees by the creek and said he used to swing off them when he was a kid. Cliff and Judy, John, Mom and I made a trip to Navarro County in 1998 and visited the same sites. The background photo includes that same cistern and their home when it was there as well as Ira, Vileta Davis and Grandad Alvah Davis.
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