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Hi!  My name is Stephen, (Stephanos/Στέφανος).  I am a college student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  I have majored in Spanish with a concentration in literature and commerce, and minored in German literature. I hope to soon begin my doctoral studies at Emory University, with the goal of becoming a college Spanish professor.  While in school I am working as a waiter and I tutor Spanish to high school and college students.

I am fluent in three languages: English, Spanish and Modern Greek, and am fairly good in German.  I can read, write and speak all four of these languages, and hope in the future to acquire another more languages:  Russian, because I am an Orthodox Christian and have many Russian friends.....

I am a highly qualified and excellent tutor.  I treat each student as though I were a doctor, and attempt to diagnose just what their knowledge of Spanish is, and what problems they are having.  I examine the textbook and workbook that the students are working in, and attempt to supplement them in any way necessary.  I have prepared several handouts that I give to my students to aid them in their studies, because, I find that almost all of them are lacking in certain basic skills and knowledge that they failed to acquire/comprehend in the beginning of their studies of the Spanish language.

In addition to being an excellent Spanish tutor, I also believe I am an excellent motivator.  That is, I put extra effort into getting the students excited about learning a second language, to understand how import and valuable learning a second (or third) language can be for them.  I try also to give them insights into the many and diverse aspects of Hispanic culture, which will aid them in their learning the language.  I concentrate in three areas specifically:  grammar, learning vocabulary and good pronunciation.  This year among my students I have brought four failing "F" students up to a B or B+ averages, and one failing student, ended up with an A average in his Spanish class !    One student I had recently was so pleased with me that he paid me a $100 bonus, after completing his college course with a B+.

For rates and further information please e-mail me with any questions you may have, or to set up tutoring.   PLEASE CHEK OUT MY REFERENCES LINK BELOW!   Thank's, Stephen.

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