1. Please read the allocation letter carefully and note all dates for which your unit is nominated. Allocations are for 4 cadets unless otherwise noted. For the purpose of the Allocation, except where stated otherwise, Detached Flights are included with the Squadron's allocations and Squadron Commanders may apportion cadets as they wish.

2, The basic aim on the AEF Scheme is to give every cadet a 20min flight each year. For various reasons this is difficult and squadrons should give priority to cadets who have not flown before, or not in the current year. Every effort will be made to fly cadets taken to Benson.

3. The AM detail is to plan to arrive for 0830hrs; the PM detail arriving for 1200hrs

4. Failure to meet an allocation, without good reason, will result in a lower allocation in the next period. Please contact the AEF if an allocation cannot be met and give details of any arrangements made to "swap" with another Unit.

5. An officer or WO is to accompany the first 2 named Squadrons at each session. These uniformed staff are to be responsible for the manifest and discipline of all cadets present unless a more senior officer is present. Cadets from other Units are NOT to be "dumped" at the Guardroom; they are to be taken to the AEF and handed over to the adult staff responsible for them for the duration of the session.

6. There are no bad weather facilities at the AEF. IF the weather looks doubtful you should contact the OC 6 AEF (01491 837766 EXt 7620) after 08.00hrs

7.Where transport is hired, completed forms are required at Wing HQ at least 2 weeks before the detail.

8. Preparatory Instruction is to be given to all cadets BEFORE they attend AEF

9. All cadets are to be in uniform, appropriately covered, and with soft-soled shoes and must carry Form 3822. This is to be properly completed to show enrolment, aged 13.3 or over and parents/guardians consent to fly. 2nd class cadets may only be selected if they have passed at least the Airmanship, Map Reading and Communications elements of the First Class examination syllabus.

10. A copy of these orders should be taken to the detail by the adult surpervisor - it is easier to follow rules if you know them.

11. AEF is subject to the provisions contained in ACP20A, ACTI 31
Standing instructions for attendance at No. 6 AEF (BENSON)
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